PAW Patrol Timeline
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\#\ (\Roman numeral for year\) was a '\common/leap\' year starting on a \day of January 1\. This page is an archive of all the PAW Patrol-related events from the year.


[[[For any months with relevant dates to include, write the full month name on its own line, surrounded by triple equal signs. The following month is separated from the last relevant date of the previous month by a blank line. Each date featuring a "PAW Patrol"-related event (described ahead), is written on its own line underneath the appropriate month in chronological order. The date is surrounded by triple apostrophes, preceded by a single star and followed by a colon. Single pieces of information for a date are continued on the same line. Dates with multiple events have them listed on lines below, beginning with multiple (often two) stars. Appropriate information to include on these pages are births of "PAW Patrol" cast and crew and releases of episodes, books, DVDs, etcetera. Episode names are linked and quoted. Books and DVDs are linked, italicized and rewritten without "(Book)" or "(DVD)" respectively. The writing format for each kind of event is demonstrated below (featuring examples from 2015, if the current day was July 29, 2015). For multiple types of events occurring on the same day, episode released precede book and DVD releases. Use full sentences with the exception of list formats and use either past tense when the date has already occurred or future tense for dates yet to come. Note that an extra star is used for listing multiple books being released on the same date. This in conjunction with other events results in the only triple starred lines to be used.]]]





  • April \#\: \Cast/crew member\ (\role in series\), was born in \Birth Location\.





Unknown Dates

[[[List remaining events known to occur in the year but without specific dates under an "Unknown Dates" heading. Use the same format as above for specific dates.]]]