General Info

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\Full Name of Person\ is \\provide short statement of the role(s) the person plays in the "PAW Patrol" series, and the version in which they participate\\.


\\Provide a brief description of the known personal history of the person and what led them to their current position. If any interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes or personal relationships are known, provide them if notable. List some other series or films with which the person has been significantly involved. Often this and the next section are taken directly from Wikipedia.\\

Other Works

[[[List and bold (using triple apostrophes), the other works the person was involved with in reverse chronological order, with each work occupying its own line with a star preceding it. In separate parentheses each placed one space apart, provide the year(s) of involvement, the type of medium (i.e. film, TV), and the position credited to the person. If appearing as a guest in two television episodes or less, provide the associated episodes. If the list is exhaustive, remove those inappropriate for this wiki and narrow down to the most notable involvements of the group.]]]

  • \Title\ (\Years\) (\Medium\) (\Credit\, \Episodes\ ((if limited)))
  • The Angry Birds Movie (2016) (Film) (Young Red)
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (2010-2012; 2014–present) (TV) (writer)
  • Murdoch Mysteries (2010) (TV) (Bobby Brackenreid, "Rich Boy, Poor Boy")

List of Written Episodes

[[[Use this only if the person is a writer. List and link episodes written by the person in production order, with each episode occupying its own line with a star preceding it. Should the writer not be involved in any episodes of the season, the seasonal subheading should not be provided. The subheadings should be linked and are separated from the final episode of the previous section by a single blank line, while the earliest season in which the character appears should immediately follow the "List of Written Episodes" on the next line.]]]

Season 1

Season 2

[[[Below, use the "VoiceActor" template if the person does voice work for the show, and the "Writers" template if the person is part of the production crew.]]]