General Info

((Seen in source: Replace with "UserPageBox[CharacterName]" if a voice actor who voices a character with a unique userpagebox made for them.))

[[[On individual lines, name the image files for pictures of the person between the "gallery" marks (seen in source below). This can also be performed using the gallery tool. Ensure the pictures abide by the image policy. Include only pictures that show the person themselves. Begin the gallery with official casting photos (for example, those used on IMDB), and official appearances (for example, at an awards ceremony). Next, provide pictures of the person while working or with others on "PAW Patrol". If multiple pictures are available of the same group for a given event, include only the one of highest quality and/or the one featuring the most of the group of people. Follow with the person in other works, but avoid including images that feature inappropriate content for the age demographic of "PAW Patrol" (i.e. blood or weapons). Finish with personal pictures that are readily public on the internet, but do not avidly search for and upload pictures of them from personal profiles; only use those they seem to not mind sharing. Avoid repetition of images (duplicates), including very similar images showing the same general moment/item. To add captions, use a vertical line (|) immediately to the right of the image file, followed by the writing for the caption. The caption should describe the use of the photo, the occurring event or the character and film/TV show (in the case of other works). Examples of the proper concepts are shown below (from various cast galleries).]]]

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