\Object Name\
((Single, HQ image with focus on object, centered at 250px))

\Owner\'s \object\

'\The \object\/\Object\\' is //finish a single sentence statement mentioning what it is, who owns/uses it and for what it is used//.


//Briefly describe the item, the functions it can perform and how and when it is used. Avoid referencing specific episodes as examples for functions or mechanisms.//


//Provide a description of the physical appearance of the object, including characteristics such as general shape, colors, materials, visual patterns and design. Mention the various parts of the object using the aforementioned descriptive terms, and note their specific use (if applicable).//

//If there is an extensive description of both the exterior and interior sections of the object, use two paragraphs separated by a blank line. The first paragraph should contain the details of the exterior, while the second paragraph should describe the interior. Do not use multiple paragraphs if an object does not have an interior worth describing extensively.//

Episode Appearances

[[[List and link episodes in production order in which the item appears significantly, with each episode occupying its own line with a star preceding it. Should the object not be involved in any episodes of the season, the seasonal subheading should not be provided. The subheadings should be linked and are separated from the final episode of the previous section by a single blank line, while the earliest season in which the location appears should immediately follow the "Episode Appearances" on the next line. If the object is seen but is not involved in a given episode, do not include the episode in the list.]]]

Season 2

Season 3


[[[On individual lines, name the image files for screenshots of the object between the "gallery" marks (seen in source below). This can also be performed using the gallery tool. Ensure the pictures abide by the image policy. Include only pictures that focus on the object: either the entirety or an aspect of it. In the case of an object that contains many features to show, it is preferable for a high quality image exclusively of the overall item to lead the gallery, followed by alternate angles of it showing opposite parts, then progressively smaller views of particular features, in a logical sequence. Note that just because an image features or takes place in an item, does not mean it is a suitable picture to include in the gallery. Avoid repetition of images (duplicates), including very similar images showing of altogether the same view/moment. To add captions, use a vertical line (|) immediately to the right of the image file, followed by the writing for the caption. Ideally the caption should describe the what the image portrays (i.e. a particular feature of the item), in a coherent and grammatically correct manner. An example of these concepts is shown below (of the PAW Patroller).]]]

[[[Below, use the appropriate template if there is one made for the type of item. For example, the "vehicle" one is used below.]]]