Location Info

((Seen in source: Replace with "UserPageBox\CharacterName\" if the location is specifically associated with a character that has a unique userpagebox made for them.))

\Location Name\
((Single picture showcasing location of interest))


[[[Please refer to the stencil that describes general rules for trivia pages as well as tabber format.]]]

  • Use this tab for trivia regarding notable aspects about the location and/or components of it.
    • Do not go on to provide trivia of mentioned characters.
  • Start with firsts (for locations altogether; not only for the area of interest) and in parentheses, note, quote and link the episode from which it occurs.
  • Follow with mosts (again, for locations altogether), that distinguish the location from others.
    • Example (from Porter's Café): This is the most often ruined place in the series, with the patio being disassembled a total of [number] times.
  • Trivia can also include some history not relevant for the main page.
  • Countable occurrences (identical to the section on character trivia pages), should also be provided under this tab.
    • They should follow the same format found in the other stencil.

  • Use this tab to recount significant overall changes to the location in specific episodes.
    • List the trivia individually and in production order of the included episodes.
  • Begin each part with a linked episode between triple apostrophes, followed by a colon.
    • Episodes with a single piece of worthy trivia continue on the same line.
    • Episodes with multiple pieces of worthy trivia have the trivia follow on lines below, beginning with double stars.
  • Pups in a Fog: Example (from Seal Island): The lighthouse's light burns out.
  • Pups Save the Beavers: Example (from Yumi's Pond)
    • The beaver dam is destroyed by a rainstorm.
    • A new dam, featuring a wooden slide, is built by the PAW Patrol.
  • Do not elaborate on complete events of a given episode. State only the trivium of interest to do directly with the location.