For the '\\Season # Episode\/\item\\' this game is based on, see "'\\Episode\/\Item\\'". ((If a game based off of the setting of an official episode or an object from the "PAW Patrol" universe.))

[Game Title] is a '\video game/application\' '\found on \website\/for \platforms\\'. It was released on \Month\ \Day\, 201\#\. '\The game can be played here: [\link to game\]/The application currently costs $\#.##\ on \online store\\'.

Playable Characters

[[[List and link characters that you can play as in order of first use (in order of game listings, when given a choice), with each character occupying its own line with a star preceding it.]]]


//Word for word, repeat the official description of the game/application between double apostrophes, correcting for grammar if necessary.//

Games and Gameplay

[[[Use this section for games. Do not include this section for applications, even if they do incorporate games into them.]]]
//Introduce the game with the overall objective. State how game selection occurs if multiple games are present (i.e. they can be played in any order). Also mention other tasks done between games (i.e. correct pup selection for specific missions).//

\Game 1\

//Start with either the first game that is played, or in the case of free choice, the first one in the game list. Provide its title between double equal signs on an individual line above. If there is no official title, choose a brief, blunt and appropriate title. Separate following games from the description of the previous game with a blank line.//

\Game 2\

//In the description, provide the setting and/or preceding events to the game. Mention the objective and provide explicit, descriptive, but brief instructions for how to play the game.//

\Game 3\

//If the game follows a level format in which all gameplay is similar, simply use a paragraph to describe it in the same way as an individual game description. In this case, do not include a game title or introduction. Describe how levels may progress in difficulty or the varying aspects that come with each level (i.e. appearing character).//


[[[Use this section for applications. Do not include this section if the game is classified as a game.]]]

  • Provides official list of advertised features
  • Repeats word for word the statements from the source
  • Different features placed on individual lines, each preceded by a star
  • Corrects for spelling mistakes if necessary
  • Does so without closing punctuation


[[[On individual lines, name the image files for screenshots from the game/application between the "gallery" marks (seen in source below). This can also be performed using the gallery tool. Ensure the pictures abide by the image policy. Include only digital pictures of the screens. The gallery should consist of menu screens, notable captures from cutscenes and no more than one screenshot of gameplay from each game/level. Order the screens by chronological appearance. When multiple games may be played out of order, organize the associated screens by game listing (top/left first, bottom/right last). To add captions, use a vertical line (|) immediately to the right of the image file, followed by the writing for the caption. Ideally the caption should describe the what the image portrays (i.e. the menu screens, cutscene or game/level shown). An example of these concepts is shown below (from "PAW Patrol Academy (Game)").]]]