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((Single picture from episode following image policy (not title card)))


[[[Please refer to the stencil that describes general rules for trivia pages as well as tabber format.]]]

  • [[[Use this tab for trivia pertaining to information outside of the episode.]]]
  • [[[Added trivia is to be placed under a defined heading (denoted by double equal signs on both sides), since tabs may include multiple topics.]]]


  • Pop-culture references by the episode title and/or overall plot are to be written first.
  • Specific events in the episode are listed last under this tab.

Title Card

  • Unique information about the title card is to be written second.

Voice Actor Changes

  • Voice actor chances are to be presented afterward.

Specific References

  • Small events in the episode referencing something in pop culture are to be displayed last.
  • This includes certain quotes, or small occurrences.
    • Example (from Pups Save Skye): Skye calls her cone collar "the cone of shame"; referencing Disney-Pixar's "Up".


  • When more topics for this tab appear, this page will be edited to provide an order for their presentation.

  • [[[Use this tab for trivia regarding events taking place in the episode that have occurred a total of 5 times or fewer throughout the series.]]]


  • List any interesting event from the episode that occurs for the first time in the entire series.
    • Character debuts are not listed under this tab. They appear under "Significant Events".
  • Do not write "first time/episode" because this is assumed under the "Firsts" heading.
  • If the events recurs in a following episode, make a sub-point providing the next episode that uses it.

Uncommon Occurrences

  • List events that have occurred on multiple occasions throughout the series (up until the fifth episode of occurrence).
  • Should a specific event occur in more than five episodes, the trivia is no longer added to new features, and the "of number" is changed to "of many" for existing episode trivia.
    • Having occurred six times or more, the trivia is no longer significant for a trivia page and is to be removed from the fourth and fifth episodes' respective trivia pages.
    • The first three occurrences will be kept and will only reference the other two retained documented episodes.

  • [[[List any significant events that occur within the episode.]]]

Debuting Characters

  • This is the only heading under which full sentences (and periods), are not used.
  • List all characters that made their first production-chronological appearance in the episode.
    • Note their later level of importance in the series, and organize them from most to least important.
    • Example (from Pups Jungle Trouble): Carlos (recurring)

Notable Events

  • Include any particularly interesting or pivotal points in the episode.
  • List these events in chronological order.

  • List any errors that took place within the episode.
    • These may include errors in terms of costume consistency, character consistency, logic, animation, broadcasting, etc.
  • It is yet undetermined if headings should be applied to separate the different kinds of errors.
    • These should be separated under different headings if there is enough trivia under this tab.
  • List these in chronological appearance. If under different headings, organize by heading first, then chronological appearance.

  • Include any interpretable information that is unconfirmed by the series.