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((Seen in source: Replace with "UserPageBox\CharacterName\" if the character has a unique userpagebox made for them.))

[[[On individual lines, name the image files for screenshots of the character from the episode's own gallery page, between the "gallery" marks (seen in source below). This can also be performed using the gallery tool. Ensure the pictures abide by the image policy, and arrange them in chronological order for the episode (reordering may have to be done manually). Avoid repetition of images and those only featuring a sliver of the character. To add captions, use a vertical line (|) immediately to the right of the image file, followed by the writing for the caption. Please do not add redundant or poorly-worded captions. Captions including speech should be surrounded by quotation marks. An example of these concepts is shown below (of Chase in "Pup Pup Boogie").]]]

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