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General Info

((Seen in source: Replace with "UserPageBox\CharacterName\" if the character has a unique userpagebox made for them.))

((Single, HQ picture with focus on character, centered at 250px))

Episode Appearances

[[[List and link episodes in production order in which the character appears, with each episode occupying its own line with a star preceding it. Should the character not appear in any episodes of the season, the seasonal subheading should not be provided. The subheadings should be linked and are separated from the final episode of the previous section by a single blank line, while the earliest season in which the character appears should immediately follow the "Episode Appearances" on the next line. If the "character" is actually a general group (i.e. seagulls), provide the written number of them appearing in the episode in parentheses one space beside the episode if reasonable: for example, "(three)". If part of a named group (i.e. Eunice and Ellie), and fewer than all appear, name the appearing characters in the same manner. If the character only makes a cameo (thus they have been present but non-participative), "(cameo)" is placed one space after the appropriate episode. Likewise, other considered appearances that are insignificant are also identified, such as mentions and photograph or icon appearances.]]]

Episode Appearances

Season 2

{{HS|Season 3}

((NOTE: The section below acts as a replacement for the part above (the first sentence immediately following the "All" box on the next line), used for protagonists. Otherwise, the part above completes the page for non-protagonist characters.))

[[[Much of the same formatting is used as in the section above, though protagonist "appearances" are listed by deployment status within the episode. If a first responder, list the appropriate episodes under "First Deployments", followed by the other pups called upon alongside them in calling order within parentheses a space after. If all original pups were first-deployed, use "all". If no other pups were first-deployed, use "alone". If a backup responder, merely list the appropriate episodes using proper formatting described above. After listing the backup deployments, use four consecutive hyphens and summarize the overall first deployment statistics with every other pup (from most to least), concluding with the number of times the whole original team has been first-deployed together.]]]

\Character\ appears in every episode. Following is a more useful history of deployments.

First Deployments

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Backup Calls

Season 1

Season 3

Assistants with Calls

\Character\ has been first-deployed with:

  • Chase (6 times)
  • Marshall (4 times)
  • Rocky (4 times)
  • Skye (2 times)
  • Everest (1 time)
  • Zuma (0 times)
  • All (4 times)

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