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Character Info

Flying Pup
Vital statistics
Position Flying Pup
Age Unknown
Status Cockapoo and Avation
Likes Flying during missions, Bunnies, Bats, Being hugged and petted, Chase (Possibly), Being part of the mission
Dislikes Eagles, being crashed into by Marshall
Voice Actresses
Kallan Holley
Holly Thomas

Skye is a cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix), who is the only female member of the PAW Patrol.


Skye is the only female member of the PAW Patrol, her main color is pink.

Skye Flying
Wiki NonnyAdded by Wiki Nonny
Her job is usually based on flying and lookout, and she rides a helicopter. Skye always makes her landings graceful with flips. Her grace and her excellent memorization skills helps her do well at Pup Pup Boogie, she tells Chase she has a trick of saying the Pup Pup Boogie moves out loud. Chase might have a crush on her, but she doesn't notice that he does since his serious maturity causes him to deny it. It is
Skye Profile2
Gman581996Added by Gman581996
unknown if she has a crush on him or not, but most people agree that she does not have a crush on him. Skye is very lovable and emotional (Shown in Pups Save the Bunnies).

Nick Description

Skye is a smart Cockapoo who loves to fly in her helicopter or with the wings in her pup pack. She tries everything with a backflip, grace, and a smile.


Skye is fun-loving and loves to play and participate in fun activities with her fellow PAW Patrol friends. However, she and Zuma are unusually competitive against each other. Skye is very brave and smart. Skye also has a fear of eagles, as seen in Pups Save a Toof.


Skye is the only flying pup, with her jet-pack set and her helicopter. Skye is a great dancer, and she can do backflips with grace. Her goggles have built in binocular-like lenses. Whenever Skye jumps, she almost always does a backflip.


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Skye is an adorable pup with dark pink eyes. She has a special pilot outfit in the color pink. Skye is the smallest of the pups, and is the only female member of the PAW Patrol. Her shaggy ears, her tail, the fluff on her head, and the circles around her eyes are orange-ish. Her legs, snout, and belly are a cream color. The rest of her body is gold. Her nose is brown and so are her eyebrows. She has three small eyelashes and fluff on her forehead.


  • "This pup's gotta fly!"
  • "Let's take to the sky!"


Skye Skye's gallery can be viewed here.

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