Season 5 is an upcoming season of PAW Patrol. It is unknown how many episodes it will contain.

Spin Master president Ben Gadbois confirmed that the fifth season was "currently in development" during the company's 2016 Q1 Financial Results Conference Call. Ronnen Harary (one of the founders of Spin Master) also mentioned the season after talking about Season 4's international release set for 2018.


Here is a list of some possible writers for Season 5:

Episode List

Each listing will contain the episode number, name, original U.S. airdate, and its writer.

Season 5 Trivia

  • As of August 2016, the fifth season's episodes are still in pre-production. Voice recording and animation have not commenced, as these processes have not yet finished for the fourth season.
  • A voice actor that has yet to be announced will replace Max Calinescu as the voice of Chase. [1]
  • The PAW Patrol may gain a new vehicle and a new team member.
  • In May 2017, it was announced that Spin Master was in the process of developing the very first episode in the series to take up an hour of airing space. It is very likely that it will take place in Season 5.
  • In the fifth season of PAW Patrol, the heroic pack of pups (Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, Everest and Tracker) will take to the high seas for Sea Patrol adventures where they’ll meet a pirate and his dachshund pup pal.


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