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Seal Island

SI 1

Where Cap'n Turbot lives and works.

Seal Island is an island in the bay. It is run by Cap'n Turbot, who owns a house on the island.


Seal Island is one of the outermost locations in Adventure Bay. There is a lighthouse on the island, which Cap'n Turbot uses to guide ships away from the nearby rocks. Cap'n Turbot's house is also situated on Seal Island. In season one, the house's exterior is painted gray with a dark blue roof and brown door. In season two, its appearance is changed to a primarily orange house with a teal blue door and turquoise roof. In "Pups in a Fog", Cap'n Turbot called upon the PAW Patrol to fix the lighthouse's light.


  • Cap'n Turbot: Cap'n Turbot looks after the island's lighthouse. He operates it at night and during severe weather.
  • Wally: Wally lives in the waters surrounding Seal Island.
  • Blue-footed booby bird: An elusive bird that can be found on the island.