Sea Patrol: Pups Save the Baby Octopus

Baby Octopus 51


  • Like the Mission PAW sub-series of episodes, this episode (along with other Sea Patrol-themed episodes) has a specially themed title card with the Sea Patrol logo and an alternate font.
  • The Beach Tower HQ and Sea Patroller make their debut.
  • The new Sea Patroller is listed as number 15.
    • It is also revealed that the Sea Patroller is beneath the Beach Tower HQ.
  • It is shown that Ryder wears his wristwatch-styled pup-pad outside Mission PAW.
  • This is the first time where Ryder wears a civilian attire rather than his usual attire.
  • This is the second time where a vehicle/vessel (The Flounder) sinks under the water and later managed to re-float back to surface. The first was the PAW Patroller in "Pups Raise the PAW Patroller").
  • This is the first time Zuma and Rubble team up.
  • The Sea Patroller's horn plays a lyric of the PAW Patrol theme song.


  • In some scenes, a part of the roof of the Flounder is discolored (blue from the usual red color).
  • Justina is incorrectly called Julia (by Chase) in this episode.