Pups Save the Baby Octopus

Baby Octopus 3


  • Mayor Humdinger: "Nice outfit, but it's a bit early for Halloween, isn't it?"

  • Ryder: "So I'll need you to save that guy, Mr. Prickly."
  • Marshall: "Guy? That's a pineapple."
  • Ryder: "That's why he's called Mr. Prickly."

  • Marshall: "Look! I'm a floatie toy!"

  • Mayor Goodway: "The hula isn't just a dance. It's a fabulous fun way to exercise!"
  • Mayor Humdinger: "Exercise? Huh, please, I'm already in splendid shape."

  • Ryder: "Okay pups, we have to raise Cap'n Turbot's ship from the ocean floor. It's scuba time!"
  • Marshall: "Yes!"
  • Rocky: "Scuba? Like, in the water?"

  • Rocky: "I sure wish I could help Marshall, but the ocean is so... wet."

  • (The giant octopus pushes Alex's board to help Alex go faster.)
  • Alex: "Wheeee! Thanks, giant spaghetti monster!" (He reaches the shore)
  • Chase: "Whoa! That was super quick!"

  • Mayor Humdinger (With the baby octopus on his head): "Well, keep it away from me! I don't want that on my head too!"

  • Ryder: "Are you sure, Rocky? You'll have to swim and get wet."
  • Rocky: "If getting wet will help that baby octopus get back to his mom, I can do it!"
  • Ryder: "That's my Sea Patrol pup."

  • Mayor Humdinger: "I hope Mom isn't as hungry as this little guy!"