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Scott Albert (born May 16, 1975) is a writer for PAW Patrol.

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He graduated from the Canadian Film Centre's Television Prime Time Programme in 2002. Also in 2002, his novel (co-written with John McFetridge) Below the Line was published, based on Albert and McFetridge's time spent working on film sets in Toronto. Albert and McFetridge also collaborated on the script the film Hunt for the Devil, starring Michael Madsen. He wrote and produced the series of live sketch comedy shows, The All Nude Revues, which ran in Toronto. Drawing on his comedy background, he was a contributing writer for The Red Green Show. Albert writes and produces comedy multi-platform series. The Retired Porn Producer's Guide To... is an animated parody of an advice show, with advice drawn from the main character's "30 years of experience in the skin flick biz." He followed that up with Tights and Fights, a live-action video blog comedy about a hapless super hero named Captain Euchre, which Albert wrote, produced and performed in. Tights and Fights is currently airing on Canada's Movieola - the short film channel.

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