Pups and the Very Big Baby



  • Cap'n Turbot is seen showing off while playing volleyball.
  • This is the first time the PAW Patrol save a whale.
  • In this episode, when riding the elevator after changing into their uniforms, the pups are not all shown in their usual quarter-left angle, nor are they in the usual order. Instead, they are lined up from left to right: Rocky (quarter-left), Zuma (nearly profile left), Marshall (quarter-left), Rubble (full front), Chase (eighth-right), and Skye (quarter-right).
  • This is the first time Rocky wears his hat without his uniform or pup pack.
  • This is the first time where Marshall gets picked for a mission.
  • Rubble is shown without his vest when first inside the elevator.  The yellow vest is shown on Rubble when they check on Marshall after his traditional crash into the elevator.  The yellow vest then disappears afterwards.


  • Animation Error: After Rubble slips off the slide, if you look closely, Skye's collar, normally light pink, is black.

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