This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups and the Mischievous Kittens" from Season 2, which premiered on February 19, 2015 in Canada, and on March 6, 2015 in the United States.

00:11:47 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:11:48 Mayor Goodway: After it!
00:11:51 Mayor Goodway: Gotcha! Ha!
00:11:52 Mayor Goodway: That's how the mayor shows trash who's boss.
00:11:55 Mayor Humdinger: (Snickering)
00:11:56 Mayor Humdinger: Since when is a mayor a street cleaner? Hmm?
00:12:00 Mayor Goodway: Since Adventure Bay was picked to be a finalist in the Spotless Town Contest.
00:12:04 Mayor Humdinger: Ha! Foggy Bottom has always won the Spotless Town Contest. And we're going to win it this year!
00:12:11 Mayor Goodway: This year, Mayor Humdinger, that trophy will be ours.
00:12:14 (Sound): (Paper rustling)
00:12:17 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:12:24 Mayor Goodway: And not a single A piece of trash will stop us!
00:12:30 Mayor Humdinger: The trash may not stop you, but my secret weapon will!
00:12:37 Mayor Humdinger: Presenting...
00:12:41 Mayor Humdinger: The Kitten Catastrophe Crew! Ha-ha!
00:12:45 Mayor Humdinger: Very good at being very bad.
00:12:50 (Music):
00:12:57 Cat Chase: (Meowing)
00:12:59 Mayor Humdinger: (Laughing maniacally)
00:13:03 Mayor Goodway: No litter will linger in my town.
00:13:04 Mayor Humdinger: (Whistling) Quick, kitties, to the carrier mobile!
00:13:11 Mayor Humdinger: (Snickering)
00:13:16 Mayor Goodway: Oh! This is a complete disaster! What are we going to do now?
00:13:23 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:13:24 Mayor Goodway: Of course the PAW Patrol!
00:13:27 Mayor Goodway: Now, why didn't I think of that?
00:13:32 Skye and Rubble: ♪ Two little puppy dogs jumping as a double ♪
00:13:35 Skye: ♪ One named Skye ♪
00:13:37 Rubble: ♪ The other named Rubble ♪
00:13:38 Marshall: Can I try? Can I?
00:13:40 Skye: ♪ It's fun with one ♪
00:13:42 Rubble: ♪ Two's fun too ♪
00:13:44 Marshall: ♪ Now let's see what three can do ♪
00:13:46 Pups: (Laughing)
00:13:47 Marshall: Sorry, I couldn't stop myself.
00:13:49 Rubble: You're doing great, buddy.
00:13:51 Marshall: Whoo-hoo!
00:13:53 Pups: (Thudding)
00:13:54 Rocky: You were doing great.
00:13:56 Marshall: Oops.
00:13:57 Pups: (Laughing)
00:13:59 Ryder: Silly pups.
00:14:00 (Sound): (Phone ringing)
00:14:02 Ryder: Ryder here.
00:14:03 Mayor Goodway: Ryder! This is an epic tragedy of unprecedented proportions.
00:14:07 Ryder: What wrong, Mayor Goodway?
00:14:09 Mayor Goodway: Adventure Bay will never win Most Spotless Town now! Everything is so totally not spotless.
00:14:16 Ryder: Don't worry. No mess is too big, no pup is too small.
00:14:20 Mayor Goodway: Hurry! The Spotless Town judge will be here at any moment.
00:14:23 Ryder: We're on it.
00:14:26 Ryder: PAW Patrol, to the Lookout!
00:14:28 Pups: Ryder needs us!
00:14:30 Marshall: Uh-oh.
00:14:31 Chase and Rocky: (Barking)
00:14:32 Marshall: Can you pups lend a paw?
00:14:34 Marshall: Thanks!
00:14:36 Marshall: Whoa!
00:14:38 (Pinball sound): (Dinging)
00:14:41 Marshall: Whoa!
00:14:43 Marshall: Whoa!
00:14:45 (Pinball sound): (Dinging)
00:14:46 Marshall: Whoa! (Grunting)
00:14:47 (Pinball sound): (Dinging)
00:14:52 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:14:53 Marshall: I'm first!
00:14:54 Zuma: You made it and got the high score!
00:14:58 Zuma: You're a pinball wizard, dude.
00:15:00 Pups: (Laughing)
00:15:18 Chase: PAW Patrol, ready for action, Ryder, Sir.
00:15:22 Ryder: Thanks for hurrying, pups.
00:15:23 Ryder: I just got a call from Mayor Goodway.
00:15:25 Ryder: Adventure Bay is a finalist to win the Spotless Town Award.
00:15:28 Pups: (Cheering)
00:15:29 Ryder: But Town Square has become totally, mysteriously messy.
00:15:33 Pups: Boo!
00:15:35 Ryder: Exactly! That's why, for this mission, I'll need...
00:15:39 Ryder: Chase, I need you and your spy gear to find out what's at the bottom of all this.
00:15:44 Chase: Yes! Super Spy Chase is on the case!
00:15:48 Ryder: But we still have to clean up.
00:15:51 Ryder: Rubble, I'll need you and your digger shovel to pick everything up.
00:15:54 Rubble: Rubble on the double!
00:15:56 Ryder: And nobody knows what to do with all that trash better than our own recycling pup, Rocky!
00:16:01 Rocky: Don't lose it, reuse it!
00:16:04 Ryder: All right! PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:16:07 Pups: (Barking)
00:16:11 (Music): ♪ (Deployment sequence for Chase, Rocky, and Rubble)
00:17:10 Mayor Goodway: Eww!
00:17:11 (Sound): (Sirens approaching)
00:17:15 Mayor Goodway: Oh! Thanks, PAW Patrol!
00:17:18 Mayor Goodway: There's so much to do, I don't know where to start!
00:17:21 Rocky and Rubble: We do! We do!
00:17:23 Rubble: (Barking) Shovel!
00:17:25 (Music):
00:17:39 Ryder: Nice work, pups.
00:17:40 Ryder: Mayor Goodway, how did all this garbage wind up on the street?
00:17:43 Mayor Goodway: I don't know! It must've been an accident!
00:17:46 Chase: (Sniffing)
00:17:48 Chase: It smells too suspicious to be an accident.
00:17:51 Mayor Humdinger: (Chuckling)
00:17:53 Chase: (Sniffing)
00:17:54 Chase: Huh?
00:17:55 Chase: Hmm.
00:17:57 Mayor Goodway: Look! These poor flowers are wilting already.
00:18:00 Ryder: Let's get them back in the ground.
00:18:04 Ryder: It looks like these flowers weren't pulled out by accident.
00:18:07 Mayor Goodway: (Yelling) Balls of yarn!
00:18:10 Chase: They're coming from there!
00:18:13 Chase: (Barking)
00:18:16 Cat Marshall: (Meowing)
00:18:19 Ryder: So, who was firing the yarn balls?
00:18:21 Chase: (Sniffing)
00:18:22 Chase: (Sneezing)
00:18:24 Ryder: Are you okay, Chase?
00:18:25 Chase: It's just my kitten allergy.
00:18:28 Ryder and Chase: Kittens?
00:18:32 Mayor Goodway: Oh, the last flower's back in place.
00:18:37 Rubble: Ryder, I picked up all the garbage!
00:18:39 Rocky: And I've sorted the recycling.
00:18:41 Ryder: Excellent work. The Spotless Town judge should be here any minute.
00:18:49 Rubble: Look out!
00:18:52 Mayor Goodway: No! Ooh!
00:18:54 Mayor Goodway: Ugh! Yuck!
00:18:56 Mayor Humdinger: (Laughing)
00:18:52 Mayor Humdinger: The only prize they'll win is for trashiest town!
00:19:01 Ryder: It's okay, Mayor Goodway. The pups will clean up.
00:19:04 Mayor Goodway: But we already did that!
00:19:06 Chase: (Sniffing)
00:19:07 Chase: I think I'm closing in on him. I just need a better view.
00:19:12 Ryder: See anything yet, Chase?
00:19:14 Chase: Just Mayor Humdinger playing with some kittens.
00:19:22 Chase: Some really naughty kittens. They just shot mud on to my spy goggles.
00:19:28 Chase: Ryder, I think Mayor Humdinger has been messing up the town.
00:19:32 Chase: Now he's headed for the water tower.
00:19:34 Ryder: Hmm.
00:19:35 Ryder: Marshall, I need you to use your ladder.
00:19:38 Marshall: I'm fired up!
00:19:39 Ryder: We'll meet you there.
00:19:40 Chase: (Barking) Zip line!
00:19:43 (Music):
00:19:51 Chase: (Barking)
00:19:53 Chase: Just as I suspected: They're hatching a diabolical plan.
00:19:58 Mayor Humdinger: We prefer "sinister scheme"!
00:20:00 Chase: (Barking)
00:20:08 Cat Rocky: (Meowing)
00:20:11 Chase: Whoa!
00:20:14 Ryder: Chase?
00:20:17 Chase: Nice catch.
00:20:20 Mayor Humdinger: (Laughing Maniacally)
00:20:22 Mayor Humdinger: Tabby, open the faucet!
00:20:26 (Sound): (Sirens blaring)
00:20:31 Ryder: Humdinger's going to use the water tower to make the town a soaking wet mess.
00:20:35 Ryder: Rocky, can you stop it?
00:20:36 Rocky: Just as soon as you help me up there, Marshall.
00:20:39 Marshall: (Barking)
00:20:40 Marshall: Going up!
00:20:47 Rocky: Step away from the spigot, kitten.
00:20:49 Cat Rocky (Tabby): (Laughing Maniacally)
00:20:50 (Sound): (Rumbling)
00:20:51 Rocky: Uh-oh.
00:20:53 Rocky: Ugh! Turn it off, turn it off!
00:20:55 Mayor Humdinger: Now, that's a mess!
00:20:57 Mayor Humdinger: (Laughing Maniacally)
00:20:59 Mayor Humdinger: Whoa! Ah! Help!
00:21:05 Ryder: Uh-oh. Chase, Mayor Humdinger needs us.
00:21:08 Chase: Gotcha!
00:21:12 Chase: (Barking) Zip line!
00:21:18 Mayor Humdinger: Help!
00:21:19 Ryder: Mayor Humdinger, grab on to that zip line and slide down!
00:21:24 Mayor Humdinger: But what if I fall?
00:21:26 Ryder: You won't! We'll catch you.
00:21:28 Mayor Humdinger: Ah!
00:21:30 Mayor Humdinger: Oh, I'm too scared to look!
00:21:35 Ryder: Mayor Humdinger, you can open your eyes now.
00:21:38 Mayor Humdinger: Oh, yes, well, of course. I knew I could zip down safely. No problem.
00:21:43 Chase and Ryder: (Laughing)
00:21:46 Rocky: Marshall!
00:21:56 Mayor Humdinger: Well, uh, the PAW Patrol saved me. I suppose a "thank you" is in order.
00:22:02 Chase: You and your kittens really made a mess.
00:22:04 Mayor Humdinger: We just wanted to win the Spotless Town trophy. We're sorry.
00:22:09 Ryder: If you're really sorry, you won't mind helping out a little.
00:22:13 Mayor Humdinger: (Grumbling)
00:22:21 Mayor Goodway: Ooh! Thank you, judge.
00:22:24 Mayor Goodway: Of course, I couldn't have done it without your help, Ryder.
00:22:27 Ryder: And I couldn't have done it without these good pups.
00:22:29 Ryder: Whenever you're in trouble, just yelp for help.
00:22:32 Pups: (Cheering)
00:22:33 Marshall: It's all dusty in here.
00:22:35 Marshall: Achoo!
00:22:37 Everyone: (Everyone laughing)