Pups and the Ghost Pirate



  • This is the Halloween special.
  • This is the first holiday special episode.
  • This is also the first special where the episode is a half-hour long.
  • This is the second episode where the pups operate at night. The first was in "Pups in a Fog".
  • After the pups got off the elevator and went to their positions in The Lookout, Skye somehow was wearing Rocky's fake viking mustache. Chase quietly pointed that out to Skye, and she flicked it back over to Rocky.
  • It is revealed that Zuma can walk on hind legs.
  • In this episode, it is hinted that Zuma is afraid of ghosts.
  • The pups still wear a part of their Halloween costumes when they're in uniform. 
  • When Ryder referred to Skye as the "Princess of Pup-sylvania", it likely referenced Transylvania, Dracula's hometown and a region in the kingdom of Romania.
  • Rubble's Halloween costume was exactly from Elvis Presley's vestment.
  • This is the first time Marshall doesn't act clumsy on the slide.


  • When Skye's helicopter starts to transform, her collar and vest turns green.