Pups and the Ghost Pirate



  • Ryder: "Presenting her highness, Princess Skye of Pup-sylvania!"
  • Skye: (Laughs) "Dressing up in costume is my favorite part of Halloween!"
  • Zuma: "My favorite's trick-or-treating. Argh!"

  • Rubble: "This goo in my 'do makes me blue."

  • Zuma: "Yo-ho-ho and a bowl full of bones, if it isn't me arch-enemy: Super Chase!"
  • Chase: "You've met your match, Pirate Zuma!"

  • Marshall: (Crashes into the other pups with a bowling ball sound effect) "Sorry, I didn't mean to bowl you over!"

(No response is received from the pups.)

  • Marshall: "Uh... next time, I'll spare you the wipeout!"

(Still no response from the pups.)

  • Marshall: "Okay, okay, let's go..."

  • Skye: "I'm a princess. Where's my Prince Charming?"