Pups and the Ghost Cabin

Ryder, you have a creepy face


  • Rubble: (eats dog food on nose) "Mm, delicious! And more where that came from." (looks down) “Hey! Where'd the rest of my spilled lunch go?!"
  • Jake: "Hm. They did say that old ghost was a big eater.”
  • Rocky and Rubble: "Ghost?!"
  • Jake: "The old mining legends claim the cabin is haunted by a hungry ghost."

  • Zuma: "Mm. I love the taste of air-meatballs!"

  • Ryder: (answers phone call) "Hi Jake. What's wrong?"
  • Jake: "Ryder, PAW Patrol, old cabin, ghost!"

  • Marshall: (crashes into elevator with other pups) "We rolled here in record time, thanks to me."

  • Ryder: "We have a scary good emergency. Jake needs help fixing up his old haunted cabin."

(The pups gasp.)

  • Skye: "Really?"
  • Zuma: "No way!"
  • Marshall: "A real ghost?"
  • Rubble: (excited) "I saw it!" (in sad tone) "It took my lunch."
  • Pups: (sympathetically) "Aw."

  • Rubble: *gasps* "Ghost! Look!"

(Ryder, Rocky, Chase and Rubble look over and scream)

  • Jake: (removes drop cloth) "Oh. Hi Ryder. Hi Pups. It's just me."

(Rubble screams again.)

  • Rubble: (sniffs around cabin) "Hm. Doesn't smell like a ghost."
  • Ryder: "What does a ghost smell like?"
  • Rubble: "Scary?"

  • Chase: "Ryder! He's still right there. But he's not alone."
  • Rubble: "Not alone?! Ryder!" *howls*
  • Ryder: "Keep howling Rubble: we're coming!"
  • Jake: "I'll...wait here."

  • Rubble: "Ryder, help!" (jumps into Ryder's arms) "I mean, I wasn't scared!"

  • Rubble: "I knew it wasn't a ghost all along. I don't know what you guys were scared of."

  • Ryder: "Next time you need us, just boo for help!"

  • Skye: "Too bad there wasn't a ghost."
  • Chase: "I never thought there was any such thing as a ghost anyway." (hears Rubble's stomach growling) "Ah! Ghost!"
  • Rubble: "Actually, that's my belly. I never did have lunch.

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