Pups and the Big Freeze



  • Rubble: "Marshall, how did you get in there?"
  • Marshall: "A better question is how do I get out?"

  • Rubble: "Timber!"
  • Marshall: "'Brr' is right!"

  • Cap'n Turbot: "This ice is as slippery as sliding through seaweed!"

  • Cap'n Turbot: "We're not quite ready for the Olympics, Wally."

(Wally facepalms.)

  • Marshall: "Hey, I made it first!" (The pups arrive) "Pretty cool, aren't I?"

  • Chase: "Chase is on the case! Whoa!" (Slips and falls on the ice) "More like 'Chase is on his face'."

  • Chickaletta: "Ba-gock!" (Makes snow angels)
  • Ryder: "She's making snow angels."
  • Rubble: "More like snow chickens!"