Pups Turn on the Lights



  • Skye: "Who's making sure Chase doesn't surprise us, while we set up his surprise party?"
  • Rocky: "Marshall."
  • All: "Marshall?"
  • Rocky: "Sure. Marshall can keep a secret. Can't he?"

  • Marshall: "Check it out! For once, I'm gonna be the first one in the elevator!"
  • Chase: "Marshall, wait! No electricity means..."

(Marshall crashes into the Lookout doors which usually open automatically.)

  • Chase: "Never mind."

  • Skye: "Ryder... what about Chase's party?"
  • Ryder: "You're in charge of that, Skye."

  • Rubble: "We'll have a party in the dark!"
  • Skye: "Yeah. We'll give Chase the best surprise birthday party, in the dark, ever!"

  • Chase: "Wow! You guys turned the lights back on, and made a party for me?"
  • Ryder: "Whenever it's your birthday, just yelp for help!"