Pups Take the Cake



  • A chocolate cake version of The Lookout was formed by Mr. Porter and Ryder for the competition, along with the pups' vehicles.
  • Marshall helped spray the icing on the cake. This marks the second time Marshall sprayed something else besides water from his water cannon.
  • The pups used Alex's race track pieces as a slide for the Lookout.
  • Mayor Humdinger returns in this episode since his first appearance in "Pup Pup and Away".
  • Mr. Porter and the pups defeated Mayor Humdinger in the cake contest, also ending his winning streak.
    • This is also the second time where Mayor Humdinger loses a competition. The first was "Pup Pup and Away".
      • This loss may have made Mayor Humdinger lose his confidence in winning any competition fairly, leading him to cheat in future episodes.
  • It is revealed in this episode that the giant shield in the elevator cleans up the elevator, especially its wall, as well as get the pups in their uniforms and in the same order in line; before the elevator got there, there were raw egg whites and yolks on the wall, but once it passed, the raw eggs were gone.


  • In the scene where the pups run to The Lookout for Ryder's orders, Zuma briefly disappears and reappears again while running.[1]
  • When Ryder is about to call the pups, Zuma can be seen running on a race track nearby. However, when the pups say "Ryder needs us!", Zuma is on the grass lying down.
  • As Ryder tells the pups the emergency, he specifically says "The Lookout cake" although he was not yet told by Mr. Porter what kind of cake it was.
  • Mr. Porter is covered in cake batter in one scene, but in the next scene, he's clean.
  • Chase, Marshall, Rocky, and Rubble are the only pups deployed to go to the Porters' restaurant. But after the pups made the cake, all the other pups suddenly appear out of nowhere.
  • When the pups are looking at the cake, Rubble is looking at the cake, but in the next scene, he's getting frosting from the restaurant.


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