This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Save the Turbots" from Season 1, which premiered on March 1, 2014 in Canada, and on May 20, 2014 in the United States.

00:11:47 Ryder: Ready?
00:11:48 Chase and Marshall: (Barking) Ball, ball, ball! (Howling)
00:11:54 Pups: (Pups giggling)
00:11:55 Marshall and Chase: (Barking and howling)
00:11:59 Skye: Ugh!
00:12:01 Chase: (Laughing)
00:12:03 (Sound): (Chair clanging)
00:12:04 Marshall: Whoa! Ugh! (Grunting) Oh! Oh! Ah! Oh! (Rattling head)
00:12:16 Marshall: Captain Turbot's got four feet? Whoa, I think I'm seeing double.
00:12:23 Cap'n Turbot: Ha ha, you're not seeing double, dizzy dog.
00:12:25 Cap'n Turbot: This is my cousin from France!
00:12:27 Francois: Yes! Hup, oh, heh heh!
00:12:31 Ryder and Chase: Wow!
00:12:32 Cap'n Turbot: Francois, this is Ryder, Marshall and Chase.
00:12:35 Ryder and Chase: Hi!
00:12:35 Marshall: Hello!
00:12:36 Francois: Nice to meet you. I am Francois Turbot.
00:12:39 Ryder: "Tur-bow"? I thought you were cousins?
00:12:42 Francois: We are, but Horatio here pronounces the family name wrong.
00:12:46 Ryder: Your name's Horatio?!
00:12:48 Cap'n Turbot: A noble naval name!
00:12:50 Francois: Ooh la la! The only thing better than football is volleyball!
00:12:55 Francois: Make room for Francois Turbot!
00:13:00 Skye: Ah!
00:13:02 Francois: Yah!
00:13:04 Rubble: Wow! Nice shot.
00:13:07 Francois: Well, you are quite the volleyball player.
00:13:10 Skye: Thanks, you're pretty good yourself.
00:13:12 Francois: Well, yes, I am very good, it is true.
00:13:16 Cap'n Turbot: They can keep him busy. I have something really exciting to do.
00:13:19 Cap'n Turbot: I think I saw a blue-footed booby bird down by the bay.
00:13:22 Cap'n Turbot: They almost never come this far up the coast!
00:13:25 Cap'n Turbot: If I get a picture, it might make the cover of Marine Bird Monthly!
00:13:29 Ryder: Wow, good luck!
00:13:30 Chase and Marshall: (Barking)
00:13:37 (Sound): (Splashing)
00:13:37 Wally: (Barking)
00:13:39 Cap'n Turbot: Can't play today, Wally.
00:13:40 Cap'n Turbot: I've got to find a blue-footed booby bird!
00:13:45 Francois: (Laughing) Look at me! Look at me!
00:13:50 Cap'n Turbot: (Sighing) I hope Francois fancy footwork doesn't frighten my bird away.
00:13:54 Francois: Ha ha, watch me go! I am a natural!
00:13:57 Skye: Francois is an amazing kite-surfer!
00:14:00 Skye: And isn't it fun to hear his accent?
00:14:04 (Scene): (Rubble puts on French clothes and speaks with a French accent.)
00:14:05 Rubble: Allo, Skye! Want to watch me do ze kite-surfing?
00:14:12 Skye: (Preoccupied) Sure.
00:14:12 Francois: (In background) Over here, everyone!
00:14:14 Skye: Wow, did you see what Francois just did?
00:14:17 Skye: It was so... French!
00:14:20 Rubble: (Sighing)
00:14:28 Cap'n Turbot: Huh, no sign of the blue-footed booby bird.
00:14:30 Wally: (Barking)
00:14:33 Cap'n Turbot: Sorry, Wally, fresh out of fish.
00:14:35 Wally: (Barking)
00:14:36 Ryder: Huh?
00:14:37 Bird: (Bird squawking)
00:14:38 Cap'n Turbot: Oh, there it is! A blue-footed booby bird! On my boat!
00:14:42 Bird: (Squawking)
00:14:46 Cap'n Turbot: Uh-oh! Come back! Hold still! Say "cheese"!
00:14:50 Cap'n Turbot: Whoa!
00:14:51 (Sound): (Splashing)
00:14:53 Cap'n Turbot: Where'd it go?
00:14:54 Bird: (Squawking)
00:14:57 Cap'n Turbot: Oh, no! Come back!
00:15:02 Cap'n Turbot: Wally, please get Ryder for me.
00:15:04 Wally: (Barking)
00:15:06 Cap'n Turbot: Good boy! Go get him!
00:15:08 Ryder: (Laughing)
00:15:08 Rocky: (Barking)
00:15:12 Wally: (Barking)
00:15:14 Ryder: Hi, Wally. What's wrong?
00:15:15 (Scene): (Wally gets Ryder's attention and makes gestures with his flippers.)
00:15:17 Ryder: It's Cap'n Turbot?
00:15:20 Ryder: He found his bird... but lost his boat?
00:15:24 Wally: (Barking and clapping)
00:15:25 Ryder: He needs our help?
00:15:26 Wally: (Barking and clapping)
00:15:27 Ryder: No job is too big, no pup is too small!
00:15:30 Ryder: We're on it!
00:15:32 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:15:34 Ryder: PAW Patrol, to the lookout!
00:15:36 Pups: Ryder needs us! (Barking)
00:15:41 Pups: (Barking and howling)
00:15:47 Marshall and Rubble: Whoa! (Shouting)
00:15:52 Rubble: (Groaning)
00:15:53 Marshall: (In French attire) Ooh la la!
00:15:55 Pups: (Laughing)
00:16:07 (Sound): (Elevator dinging)
00:16:12 Chase: Ready for action, Ryder, sir!
00:16:14 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:16:15 Ryder: Thanks for hurrying, pups. Captain Turbot needs us!
00:16:19 Ryder: He was trying to take a picture of the blue-footed booby bird, but wound up in the bay without a boat!
00:16:24 Ryder: We need to get him back on board and help him get his picture.
00:16:27 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:16:28 Ryder: Zuma, I need you to zip out and use your buoy to rescue Captain Turbot and get him back to his boat.
00:16:33 Zuma: Let's dive in!
00:16:35 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:16:36 Ryder: Skye, I need you to fly along the shore and search for the booby bird's nest with your goggles.
00:16:41 Skye: (Barking) Let's take to the sky!
00:16:45 Ryder: PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:16:47 Pups: (Barking)
00:16:50 (Music): ♪ (Deployment sequence for Zuma and Skye)
00:17:30 (Sound): (Tires screeching)
00:17:33 (Music):
00:17:41 Ryder: Lifejacket, deploy!
00:17:45 (Music):
00:17:48 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:17:53 (Music):
00:17:59 Ryder: There he is!
00:18:00 Cap'n Turbot: (Grunting)
00:18:03 Ryder: Hang on, Captain Turbot! Zuma will get you. I'll get your boat!
00:18:07 Cap'n Turbot: Thanks, Ryder!
00:18:10 Zuma: (Barking) Buoy!
00:18:14 (Sound): (Splashing)
00:18:16 Cap'n Turbot: Yay!
00:18:23 Cap'n Turbot: Yeah! Whoo-hoo! Thanks, Zuma!
00:18:32 Ryder: APB on auto-pilot! (Grunting)
00:18:38 Ryder: Made it!
00:18:42 Cap'n Turbot: Yay for the PAW Patrol!
00:18:47 Cap'n Turbot: Phew! It's good to be back on solid, uh, boat.
00:18:52 Ryder: Now we'll help you get pictures of that bird.
00:18:54 Cap'n Turbot: The blue-footed booby bird! It's odd for this feathered fowl to fly this far from home.
00:18:59 Francois: Look out below!
00:19:04 Zuma: Uh-oh.
00:19:05 Cap'n Turbot: Whoa!
00:19:07 Cap'n Turbot: Oh, thanks.
00:19:09 Francois: Okay, Horatio, where is this bird you need me to take a picture of huh?
00:19:13 Francois: (Gasping) Ah, the blue-footed booby bird! I will photograph the blue foot against the white rock.
00:19:18 Francois: Fantastic! Sail on, Horatio! Sail on!
00:19:22 Cap'n Turbot: (Sighing)
00:19:33 Skye: It shouldn't be hard to spot those bright blue feet!
00:19:39 Skye: That's it! (Giggling) They're really blue!
00:19:43 Skye: Good news, Captain Turbot!
00:19:45 Cap'n Turbot: Blue-footed booby bird? Bingo, you found it!
00:19:48 Cap'n Turbot: We need to approach it very slowly. Blue-footed booby birds are basically bashful.
00:19:53 Francois: If you're too slow, you miss the show.
00:19:56 Francois: Excuse me! I will get the photo for you, Horatio!
00:20:00 Cap'n Turbot: No, wait, François! You're going to scare the booby bird!
00:20:06 (Music):
00:20:13 Francois: Ah, the bird! First, I unhook the kite.
00:20:19 Francois: Okay, my little bleu-footed friend, say "le cheese"!
00:20:24 Bird: (Squawking)
00:20:25 Francois: Bad booby bird! Bad booby bird! Ahh!
00:20:26 Bird: (Squawking)
00:20:31 Francois: Help!
00:20:38 Skye: (Gasping) Francois needs our help!
00:20:42 Francois: Help!
00:20:44 Francois: Sorry, I did not mean to upset you.
00:20:47 Bird: (Squawking)
00:20:49 Cap'n Turbot: Hang on, Francois! Help is here!
00:20:52 Francois: Help, Horatio! This is one angry booby bird! Not that I am scared, of course.
00:20:57 Bird: (Squawking)
00:20:59 Francois: Yeow!
00:21:01 (Sound): (Splashing)
00:21:02 Bird: (Squawking)
00:21:03 Francois: Help! Help!
00:21:06 Zuma: (Barking) Buoy!
00:21:09 Francois: Ah! Oh, thank you! Thank you, thank you.
00:21:16 Cap'n Turbot: Phew, close call!
00:21:18 Bird: (Squawking)
00:21:20 Cap'n Turbot: Hi there, you beautiful blue-footed birdy.
00:21:22 Cap'n Turbot: May I please take your picture?
00:21:26 Bird: (Squawking)
00:21:32 Francois: (Shivering)
00:21:34 Cap'n Turbot: Are you okay, Francois?
00:21:35 Francois: I'm fine, thanks to you, Horatio, and the PAW Patrol.
00:21:40 Ryder: No problem! Whenever you're in trouble, just yelp for help!
00:21:43 Francois: (Sighing) I never got you a picture of your bird, Horatio.
00:21:48 Skye: That's okay! Captain Turbot got some perfect pictures.
00:21:51 Cap'n Turbot: As we learn more about the booby bird's habits, maybe more of them will want to nest here.
00:21:56 Francois: More booby birds? Oh, no, no, no!
00:21:59 Everyone: (Laughing)
00:22:02 Ryder: Ready?
00:22:03 Marshall and Rocky: (Barking and howling)
00:22:04 Rubble: Yay!
00:22:06 Cap'n Turbot: Hi, Ryder. I brought you this picture of the blue-footed booby bird to thank you.
00:22:11 Ryder: Thanks, Captain!
00:22:12 Rubble: (Howling)
00:22:14 Cap'n Turbot and Francois: (Gasping) A skateboard! (Giggling)
00:22:20 Francois: Ah, you go first, Horatio.
00:22:23 Cap'n Turbot: No, you go, Francois.
00:22:25 Francois: Thanks, Captain! Ah!
00:22:28 Francois: Look at me! Look at me!
00:22:30 Francois: Watch out!
00:22:32 Cap'n Turbot and Francois: Whoa! Ugh!
00:22:35 Cap'n Turbot and Francois: (Both laughing)
00:22:37 Everyone: (All laughing)