Pups Save the Turbots

Mad Booby Bird!


  • Skye: "Francois is an amazing kite surfer. And isn't it fun to hear his accent?"
  • Rubble: (Puts on French clothes and speaks with a French accent) "Allo, Skye. Want to watch me do ze... kite surfing?"
  • Skye: (Preoccupied) "Sure."
  • Francois: (In background) "Over here, everyone!"
  • Skye: "Wow, did you see what Francois just did? It was so... French!"

(Wally gets Ryder's attention and makes gestures with his flippers.)

  • Ryder: "It's Cap'n Turbot...he found his bird...but lost his boat? He needs our help?"

  • Marshall: (In French attire) "Ooh la la!"

  • Francois: "If you're too slow, you miss the show."

  • Francois: "Say 'bleu cheese!'"