This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Save the Songbirds" from Season 3, which premiered on May 24, 2016 in the United States and on May 26, 2016 in Canada.

00:11:49 (Scene): (Mayor Goodway and her nephew and niece, Julius Goodway and Justina Goodway are watching for the songbirds)
00:11:50 Mayor Goodway: Listen closely, Julia and Julius. The symphony songbirds sing the sweetest once they've laid their eggs.
00:12:00 Julia: I found a nest with eggs!
00:12:01 Julius: Me too, but where are the birds?
00:12:06 Julia: Look, there's more nests here!
00:12:10 Julius: Even one on top of Farmer Al.
00:12:12 Twins: (Both giggling)
00:12:13 Farmer Al: (Farmer Al snoring, muttering)
00:12:14 Julius: But no songbirds.
00:12:15 (Scene): (At City Hall, Mayor Goodway can’t find the songbird adults)
00:12:16 Mayor Goodway: Where, oh where, have the birdies gone?
00:12:21 Mayor Goodway: Troubling. Without mummies to warm these eggs, they won't hatch into baby songbirds.
00:12:27 Mayor Goodway: I'm calling the PAW Patrol!
00:12:30 (Scene): (At the Lookout, Marshall, Rubble, and Zuma are plant a seed)
00:12:33 Marshall: (Barking) Water cannons!
00:12:37 (Scene): (Marshall sprays a plant with his water cannons)
00:12:39 Ryder: Some water and sunshine, and those seeds will grow into beautiful flowers.
00:12:43 Rubble: That gives me a great idea!
00:12:46 (Scene): (Rubble plants a bone so it makes a bone grow up)
00:12:48 Rubble: Now it'll grow into a big, beautiful bone!
00:12:51 Ryder and Pups: (Laughing)
00:12:53 (Sound): (Phone ringing)
00:12:55 Ryder: Hi, Mayor Goodway!
00:12:56 Mayor Goodway: Ryder, the songbirds are gone, and so is the melody of spring!
00:13:01 Ryder: That's strange. Didn't they just lay their eggs?
00:13:03 Mayor Goodway: Yes, but there are no birds around to hatch them! This isn't good.
00:13:07 Ryder: We'll find them, Mayor! No job is too big, no pups is too small!
00:13:12 Ryder: (Beeping) PAW Patrol, (Pup tag beeping) to the Lookout!
00:13:15 Pups: Ryder needs us!
00:13:17 Marshall: (Sniffing a flower)
00:13:18 (Scene): (Marshall is sniffing a flower, but he gets a flower stuck on his nose, causing him to get sneeze)
00:13:19 Marshall: Ah… ah… ah-choo!
00:13:20 (Scene): (And tumble into the elevator)
00:13:22 Marshall: Whoa!
00:13:24 Marshall: Whoa! Oof! (Crashing)
00:13:29 Pups: Look out! (Crashing)
00:13:32 (Scene): (When the elevator doors is closed, the pups crash into the elevator doors)
00:13:34 Pups: Oof!
00:13:35 Chase: How'd you get here so fast, Marshall?
00:13:39 Marshall: (Blowing a flower)
00:13:40 Marshall: Flower power?
00:13:42 Pups: (All laughing)
00:13:43 (Music):
00:13:54 (Sound): (Elevator dinging)
00:14:00 Chase: PAW Patrol, ready for action, Ryder, sir!
00:14:03 (Sound): (Pup pad beeping)
00:14:04 Ryder: Thanks for hurrying, pups. Mayor Goodway needs our help right away.
00:14:08 Ryder: The symphony songbirds laid their eggs. Then, mysteriously disappeared.
00:14:13 Mayor Goodway (On the screen): (Mayor gasping)
00:14:14 Ryder: Marshall, I need you to use your ladder to climb up and place blankets over the eggs to keep them warm.
00:14:21 Marshall: I'm fired up!
00:14:22 Ryder: Spy Chase, I need you, your drone and spy gear to help find those missing birds.
00:14:28 Chase: Spy Chase is on the case!
00:14:30 Ryder: All right, PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:14:33 Pups: (Barking, howling)
00:14:37 (Music): ♪ (Deployment sequence for Chase and Marshall)
00:15:19 (Sound): (Tires screeching, sirens blaring)
00:15:23 (Music):
00:15:36 Pedestrians: Whoo-hoo! Yay!
00:15:44 Mayor Goodway: I'm so glad you're here, Ryder!
00:15:46 Mayor Goodway: Those exquisite little eggs could be getting a chill.
00:15:49 Ryder: Don't worry, Mayor. Marshall will warm them up.
00:15:51 Marshall: You got it, Ryder!
00:15:53 (Sound): (Truck beeping)
00:15:53 Julius: There's a nest up here, Marshall!
00:15:55 Marshall: (Truck beeping, barking) Ladder!
00:16:02 Ryder: Don't forget your egg-warmer!
00:16:05 Marshall: There, nice and warm. No problem!
00:16:05 Marshall: Huh? Big problem.
00:16:12 Marshall: Ryder, I don't think my ladder can reach all the nests.
00:16:15 Ryder: Time for some air support!
00:16:17 Skye: (Skye yipping)
00:16:19 (Scene): (At the Lookout, Skye is playing with the bunnies)
00:16:21 Skye: (Giggling)
00:16:22 Ryder: Skye! We need you to use your wings to fly blankets to the really high nests.
00:16:27 Skye: This puppy's gotta fly, bunnies!
00:16:29 Skye: (Barking) Wings!
00:16:33 Skye: (Barking)
00:16:36 Marshall: (Back to City Hall) Oops, crooked. I'll fix it.
00:16:41 Marshall: Whoa! Whoa-a-a!
00:16:44 Marshall: I'm good, really good. This is cushy! Huh?
00:16:51 Skye: Keep cozy, little eggs!
00:16:53 Ryder: Okay, Chase, time to send your drone out to search for the songbirds.
00:16:57 Chase: Yes, sir, Ryder, sir!
00:16:59 Chase: (Barking) Drone!
00:17:01 Chase: (Barking) Launch!
00:17:05 Chase: Find those songbirds!
00:17:12 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:17:13 Chase: Ryder, a blue feather!
00:17:15 Ryder: Exactly the color of a symphony songbird.
00:17:17 (Sound): (Drone whirring)
00:17:19 Chase: Look, there's way more feathers! And they're all along the road!
00:17:23 Ryder: That's odd. Birds all flying along the same road? Or maybe somebody drove them!
00:17:29 (Sound): (Drone beeping)
00:17:32 Chase: To a cave!
00:17:34 Ryder and Chase: Mayor Humdinger's!
00:17:36 Ryder: Come on, Chase. Let's go out-sneak that sneaky mayor.
00:17:40 (Sound): (Sirens)
00:17:45 (Scene): (There are still more nests to need blankets, but the blankets is out of stock)
00:17:54 Mayor Goodway: (Mayor gasping)
00:17:55 Skye: We need more blankets!
00:17:57 Mayor Goodway: Oh, dear! So many nests, but no more blankies!
00:18:00 (Scene): (Back to the Foggy Bottom, Ryder and Chase hear the songbirds is chirping)
00:18:04 Ryder: Songbirds!
00:18:05 Chase: What's Mayor Humdinger up to?
00:18:07 (Sound): (Phone ringing)
00:18:10 Skye: Ryder, we've run out of blankets! But we still have more nests!
00:18:14 Ryder: That's not good.
00:18:15 Skye: Chickaletta's trying to help, but I'm not sure it's gonna work.
00:18:19 Mayor Goodway: Now, sit.
00:18:20 Mayor Goodway: Sit, please?
00:18:22 Marshall: Be careful, Mayor Goodway!
00:18:24 Mayor Goodway: Don't worry… Whoop, oh!
00:18:27 Marshall: Hey! Who turned out the lights?
00:18:29 Mayor Goodway: A puppy in a pack! (Laughing) Oh, how cute! But not as cute as you.
00:18:35 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:18:37 Ryder: Using Chickaletta is a good idea. Maybe you can borrow more chickens.
00:18:41 Skye: Thanks, Ryder! We're on it!
00:18:44 Farmer Al: (Snoring)
00:18:45 Marshall: Uh-oh, he's still asleep.
00:18:48 Marshall: Skye, careful! Don't wake him up. If he's startled, the eggs might fall.
00:18:52 Ellie: Baa!
00:18:53 Marshall: Whoa!
00:18:54 Farmer Al: Huh?
00:18:55 (Scene): (Farmer Al wake up and the eggs accidentally throws out)
00:18:57 (Scene): (Good think Ellie catch the eggs in safe)
00:18:58 Farmer Yumi: (Laughing) Nice catch, Ellie.
00:19:00 Everyone: (Everyone laughing)
00:19:02 Skye: The songbirds have disappeared!
00:19:04 Skye: May we borrow some chickens to sit on the eggs?
00:19:06 Marshall: Just until Ryder brings back their symphony songbird mommies.
00:19:10 Farmer Al: Sure thing, pups! These chickens'll sit still for hours!
00:19:14 Farmer Yumi: Farmer Al trained them himself. He's an expert.
00:19:17 Everyone: (Everyone laughing)
00:19:18 (Scene): (Back to the Foggy Bottom, Ryder and Chase are prepare to investigate into the cave)
00:19:19 Ryder: Okay, Chase. You zip line to the cave entrance, then use your suction boots to sneak in on the ceiling.
00:19:25 Chase: Got it! But what about Mayor Humdinger's kittens? I might sneeze and blow my cover!
00:19:31 Ryder: Not if you wear this. (Ryder gives a sock to cover Chase’s nose)
00:19:33 Chase: You think of everything, Ryder!
00:19:35 Chase: (Barking) Zipline!
00:19:43 Chase: (Barking) Suction boots!
00:19:50 (Scene): (In the cave, Mayor Humdinger enjoying the songbirds singing)
00:19:51 (Sound): (Suction cups popping)
00:19:53 Mayor Humdinger: More songs of spring! More, more, more!
00:19:56 Mayor Humdinger: Ha, ha, and only for me!
00:19:58 Mayor Humdinger: (Mayor Humdinger snickering)
00:20:00 (Scene): (But Chase draws the attention of the Catastrophe Crew)
00:20:01 (Sound): (Ceiling rocks falling)
00:20:02 (Scene): (The kittens not realizing that the cave has been infiltrated)
00:20:03 Songbirds: (Songbirds singing)
00:20:04 Chase: Uh-oh.
00:20:05 (Scene): (Back to the Lookout, Mayor Goodway helps Marshall to sit the chickens on the eggs)
00:20:07 Mayor Goodway: Last chicken, Marshall!
00:20:08 Marshall: Thanks, Mayor. Up you go!
00:20:15 Chickens: (Chickens snoring, clucking)
00:20:17 Skye: Looks like there's one last nest.
00:20:20 Mayor Goodway: But no more chickens! However will we keep these poor eggs cozy?
00:20:24 Marshall: Guys, sometimes a pup's gotta do what a pup's gotta do.
00:20:28 Mayor Goodway: Oh, Marshall You're so brave.
00:20:31 Skye: And caring!
00:20:32 Marshall: And ticklish! (Giggling)
00:20:35 (Scene): (The eggs start to hatching)
00:20:35 (Sound): (Eggs cracking)
00:20:38 Baby songbirds: (Songbirds chirping)
00:20:40 Mayor Goodway and Skye: Aww!
00:20:41 Marshall: Welcome to the world, little guys.
00:20:45 Chase: (Chase gasping, kittens meowing)
00:20:47 Mayor Humdinger: Kittens, what is it? Has a songbird gotten loose? I better check outside.
00:20:53 Kittens: Meow!
00:20:54 (Scene): (Mayor Humdinger heads out under the pretense that a songbird escaped)
00:20:57 Ryder: (Whistling)
00:20:59 Mayor Humdinger: Birdie! Come here, fly-away bird!
00:21:03 Kittens: (Kittens hissing)
00:21:05 Chase: Heh, heh, heh!
00:21:07 (Scene): (The Catastrophe Crew have to deal with him. Cat Chase and Cat Marshall attacking Chase with yarn balls)
00:21:10 Chase: Ryder, my cover's been blown! I'm getting yarned!
00:21:14 Ryder: Copy, Chase.
00:21:16 Ryder: But Mayor Humdinger's blocking the entrance.
00:21:18 Ryder: I know! Can you get me the remote to the kitty carrier?
00:21:23 Chase: I can try.
00:21:25 Chase: Ouch! That's gonna leave some lint!
00:21:29 Chase: Too much yarn! Too many kittens!
00:21:32 Chase: Ah-choo! Ah-choo!
00:21:34 (Sound): (Suction cups popping)
00:21:35 Chase: Ah-choo! Whoa!
00:21:36 (Scene): (Chase falls on the remote for their carrier)
00:21:37 (Sound): (Remote beeping)
00:21:41 Mayor Humdinger: Oh! Argh!
00:21:43 Kittens: (Kittens meowing)
00:21:44 Mayor Humdinger: What?!
00:21:45 Cat Zuma: Meow!
00:21:46 Mayor Humdinger: Kittens, come back here!
00:21:50 (Scene): (Then Ryder come into the cave and meet Chase)
00:21:52 Ryder: Great job, Chase. Looks like Mayor Humdinger and the kittens will be busy for a while.
00:21:57 (Scene): (Ryder free the songbirds from the carrier)
00:21:58 Songbirds: (Songbirds chirping)
00:22:03 Chase: Fly home, little songbirds!
00:22:06 Ryder: Hmm, they might need some help finding their way. Good thing I know just the pups to call.
00:22:11 (Scene): (Ryder calls Skye to lead the songbirds back to Adventure Bay and their nests)
00:22:13 Skye: Tweedly tweet! Come on, little birdies!
00:22:18 Songbirds: (Songbirds chirping)
00:22:19 Ryder: There they are!
00:22:20 Everyone: (Cheering, barking)
00:22:24 (Scene): (All the Songbirds are back to their nests happily)
00:22:25 Songbirds: (Songbirds chirping)
00:22:30 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:22:31 Mayor Goodway: Hear that? That's their way of saying "Thank you", PAW Patrol.
00:22:35 Ryder: Glad to help, Mayor. Whenever you have a problem, just tweet for help!
00:22:39 (Scene): (The songbirds chirp and tweet happily)
00:22:43 Everyone: (Everyone laughing)