Pups Save the Shivering Sheep

Shivering Sheep 43


  • Skye: "Marshall, are you in there?"
  • Marshall: "Yep. I couldn't carry all these clothes, so I just put 'em on!"

  • Marshall: "Is it warm in here or is it just me?"

  • Ryder: "How'd the fence break, Farmer Al?"
  • Farmer Al: "I'm not sure. But my sheep are nearly bald, and colored like Easter eggs."

  • Farmer Al: "My poor sheep. Without their wool, they may turn into, sheep-sicles!"

  • Mayor Humdinger: "Aha! More evidence that those sheep and that machine scared my poor, innocent, little kitties away. Where did you chase them to? Tell me!"
  • (The sheep bleat.)

  • Chase: "How could a whole bunch of yarn and three kitties just... disappear?"

  • Katie: "What a chic and snuggly sheep!"