Pups Save the Runaway Turtles

Runaway Turtles 26


  • Rubble: "Marshall, now what do we have to play with?"
  • Rocky: "Ooh! I know!" (Brings a watermelon)
  • Skye: "What?"
  • Marshall: "Huh?"
  • Rubble: "Watermelon? Isn't that too heavy?"
  • Rocky: (Tries to push the watermelon) "It's not, ugh, that heavy... whoa!" (Falls onto Marshall) "Maybe it is a little heavy."

  • Cap'n Turbot: "Trying to take the perfect picture of tiny turtles hatching can be a bit boring."

  • Rubble: "Mmm. Yummiest wipeout ever!"

  • Danny: "Why take the long way when you can use an extreme shortcut!"

  • Everest: "I hope you like bumper cars!"

  • Danny: "Those turtles have got serious moves!"

  • Danny: "Whoa, now that's an extreme mess!"