Pups Save the Queen Bee

PAW Patrol Cap'n Turbot Captain Bees and Ryder


(Rocky plants a daisy, though it tilts in the dug hole.)

  • Rocky: "Oops! Upsy-daisy, daisy."

(Marshall crashes into the elevator and a flower lands on each pup's head.)

  • Marshall: "Well, a head plant is better than a faceplant!"

  • Skye: "This puppy's got to... bzz!"

  • Cap'n Turbot: "It's better for the bees to buzz around a field of buttercups and broccoli."
  • Ryder: "Well, at least somebody likes broccoli."

  • Skye: "That eagle will have a big fish story to tell his pals."

  • Ryder: "Don't worry, Marshall, bee-cause there's plenty of biscuits!"