Pups Save the Polar Bears

PAW Patrol Pups Save the Polar Bears Scene 14


  • Cap'n Turbot (attempting to communicate with the polar bears): "Hmm, I must have misspoke. Maybe (polar bear sound) means naptime."
  • Everest: "Look at how fast they're running away from us! (Polar bear sound) definitely means naptime!"
  • Jake: "Uh, Cap'n, this is English for, we're heading straight into some nasty ice!"

  • Skye: "Sorry, Marshall!"
  • Marshall: "It's okay. That's the way the puppy ball bounces!"

  • Zuma: "Let's dive in! I hope that freezing water won't turn me into a pup-sicle!"

  • Rocky: "Claw-five, Zuma!"
  • (Zuma throws Rocky to the cold water with his claw arm.)
  • Rocky: "Whoa!"
  • Zuma: "Sorry, dude!"

  • Ryder: "You're welcome, Mama Bear. Whenever you have a problem, just (polar bear sound) for help!"

  • Marshall (while Mama Polar Bear is giving him some licks): "Hey! It's like she's trying to lick my spots off!"
  • Rocky: "She must think that you're her messy cub."
  • Everest: "Maybe we should add Marshall to our polar bear count."
  • Jake: "Totally!"