This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Save the Penguins" from Season 2, which premiered on August 22, 2014 in the United States, and on August 27, 2014 in Canada.

00:00:43 (Scene): (The episode begins with Cap'n Turbot on a new, larger version of The Flounder)
00:00:44 Cap'n Turbot: (Cap'n Turbot humming)
00:00:48 Cap'n Turbot: Ahh!
00:00:50 Wally: (Wally barking)
00:00:51 Cap'n Turbot: Hey, Wally!
00:00:52 Wally: (Wally barking)
00:00:56 Cap'n Turbot: That's a treatable trick.
00:00:59 (Scene): (When Cap'n Turbot goes to check his bait, the bucket is empty)
00:01:00 Cap'n Turbot: Hmm, that's strange. This bait bucket is bare.
00:01:03 Wally: (Whimpering)
00:01:05 Cap'n Turbot: Now, don't be a wailing, worried walrus. Just got a fresh shipment of flash-frozen fish.
00:01:09 (Scene): (The frozen fish is empty as well)
00:01:11 Cap'n Turbot: Hmm. Sorry, Wally. This crate's clear out of cod.
00:01:16 Cap'n Turbot: Nothing but ice cubes.
00:01:18 Cap'n Turbot: Ah… I'll share my sandwich with you.
00:01:20 Wally: (Wally barking)
00:01:21 Cap'n Turbot: It's tasty tuna.
00:01:22 (Scene): (His lunch bag is snatched off the bench)
00:01:23 Cap'n Turbot: Ah! Where did my lunch bag go? What happened to the tuna treat?
00:01:30 Cap'n Turbot: Whoa… whoa, whoa, whoa!
00:01:33 Cap'n Turbot: Wah! (Splashing)
00:01:36 (Scene): (Wally gives him score 2.5 for it)
00:01:38 Cap'n Turbot: (Sputtering)
00:01:41 Cap'n Turbot: Thanks, Wally, but I'll pass.
00:01:46 (Scene) (At the Lookout, Skye is bouncing with her trampoline)
00:01:47 Skye: I just flip for flips. (Laughing)
00:01:50 (Scene): (While Marshall is enjoying his swing)
00:01:51 Marshall: Whee, I'm on a swing! Yay!
00:01:54 (Scene): (Chase is practicing with his super spy skills)
00:01:55 Chase: Superspy Chase is on the case.
00:01:58 Chase: When you least expect him... (Falls into the swing) Ah! ...expect him.
00:02:02 Chase: Sorry, Marshall. I kind of slipped.
00:02:05 Marshall: That's okay. The more the swingier.
00:02:08 Chase: Oof!
00:02:09 Skye: (Laughing)
00:02:11 (Scene): (Ryder is on his way returning to the Lookout)
00:02:12 (Sound): (Ringing)
00:02:13 Ryder: Ryder here.
00:02:14 Cap'n Turbot: Hi, Ryder. Something stinks on the Flounder and it's not fish.
00:02:18 Ryder: (Laughing)
00:02:19 Ryder: What's wrong, Cap'n Turbot?
00:02:21 Cap'n Turbot: Some sinister sneak is swiping the seafood. Can you help us find the fish-filching fellow?
00:02:25 Ryder: We'll try our best. No job is too big, no pup is too small.
00:02:30 Ryder: PAW Patrol to the lookout!
00:02:32 (Sound): (Pup tag beeping)
00:02:33 Pups: Ryder needs us.
00:02:35 Marshall: Whoa! Oof!
00:02:37 Marshall: Incoming!
00:02:40 Chase and Marshall: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! (Crashing)
00:02:45 Marshall: I love group wipeouts!
00:02:48 Pups: (Laughing)
00:02:50 (Music):
00:03:00 (Sound): (Elevator dinging)
00:03:05 Chase: Ready for action, Ryder, sir.
00:03:08 (Scene): (Pup pad beeping)
00:03:09 Ryder: Thanks for racing over, pups. Something mysterious is happening on Cap'n Turbot's boat.
00:03:14 Ryder: A crate full of frozen fish vanished from the Flounder. The bait bucket was empty and even Cap'n Turbot's tuna sandwich disappeared.
00:03:21 Cap'n Turbot On the screen: Help, help, help, help!
00:03:22 Ryder: (Laughing)
00:03:24 Rubble: That sure sounds fishy.
00:03:26 Pups: (Laughing)
00:03:28 Ryder: Exactly. We have to find out who it is and stop them.
00:03:34 Ryder: Chase, I need your detective skills and your super spy gear to help solve the mystery.
00:03:40 Chase: Yes, yes, yes! Who gets the bad guys? Chase, the super spy.
00:03:45 Ryder: (Laughing) We may have to check in the water, too.
00:03:48 Ryder: Zuma, I need your hovercraft and scuba gear.
00:03:53 Zuma: Let's dive in!
00:03:54 Ryder: All right! PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:03:57 (Music): ♪ (Deployment sequence for Chase and Zuma)
00:04:41 (Sound): (Tires screeching)
00:04:43 (Sound): (Sirens wailing)
00:04:46 (Music):
00:04:53 Ryder: Lifejacket deploy.
00:04:56 (Sound): (Sirens wailing)
00:04:57 Music:
00:05:09 Ryder: Chase, you'll have to hop on my ATV to get to Turbot's boat.
00:05:13 Chase: Yes, sir! Ruff, ruff!
00:05:15 Chase: Eject!
00:05:17 Chase: Whoa!
00:05:20 Chase: Superspy Chase is on the case. Aroo!
00:05:23 (Scene): (Ryder, Chase and Zuma are heading to the Seal Island)
00:05:24 (Scene): (At Evening, Ryder and Zuma arrive and meet with Cap'n Turbot)
00:05:33 Cap'n Turbot: Hi, Ryder. Hi, Zuma.
00:05:35 Ryder: Where's Chase? He was just with us.
00:05:38 Chase: When you least expect him...
00:05:40 Cap'n Turbot: Ah!
00:05:41 Chase: ...expect him!
00:05:42 Ryder and Zuma: (Laughing)
00:05:44 Cap'n Turbot: Ha-ha...
00:05:45 Cap'n Turbot: So, how can we snare the seafood-snatching suspects?
00:05:49 Zuma: We'll use these fish-flavored pup treats as bait.
00:05:52 Wally: (Barking) (Wally shows his trick)
00:05:55 Ryder: Cool trick, Wally, but we need these treats to catch the thief.
00:05:58 Ryder: Huh? (Someone has taken one of the treats)
00:06:00 Ryder: Wait, there were five pup treats here and now there's only four.
00:06:05 Ryder: Somebody took one right from under our noses.
00:06:07 Ryder: Chase, can you pick up the scent?
00:06:10 Chase: I'll super-sniff them out.
00:06:13 Zuma: What's the smell, dude?
00:06:15 Chase: Fish, fish and… ugh, more fish. And something I've never smelled before.
00:06:23 (Music):
00:06:31 Chase: Heights can't stop this super spy. Ruff, ruff! Wall walkers!
00:06:38 (Sound): (Popping)
00:06:44 (Scene): (When he started to investigate, he has little trouble with a seagull)
00:06:46 Seagull: (Seagull screeching)
00:06:48 Chase: Achoo!
00:06:49 Chase: Hey, I'm trying to spy around here.
00:06:53 Ryder: Keep looking up there, Chase. Zuma and I will check down below.
00:06:55 (Scene): (Ryder and Zuma head underwater with another treat)
00:07:03 (Scene): (But while they look in one direction, a black flipper snatches the treat away in the other)
00:07:09 (Scene): (Night soon fall, Cap'n Turbot and Wally are sleep)
00:07:10 Cap'n Turbot and Wally: (Snoring)
00:07:14 Chase: It's really getting dark. I'll track them with my night-vision goggles. Ruff!
00:07:20 Chase: (Sniffing)
00:07:22 Chase: A-ha! Footprints leading to the hatch door.
00:07:26 (Music):
00:07:34 Chase: Thought you could hide from me, huh?
00:07:37 Chase: Gotcha!
00:07:39 Ryder: What did you find, Chase?
00:07:41 Chase: I got the… (Squeaking) rubber ducky?
00:07:44 Ryder: (Laughing)
00:07:45 Cap'n Turbot: Hooray! You found Driftwood Ducky!
00:07:48 Cap'n Turbot: Ha-ha! I wondered what happened to my little quacker.
00:07:50 Cap'n Turbot: Thanks, Chase. Great work!
00:07:52 (Sound): (Ducky squeaking)
00:07:53 Ryder: Chase, let's set a trap. We'll put fish treats on the deck to lure the thief out.
00:07:58 Chase: Spy Chase is on the case. (Barking)
00:08:02 (Scene): (Chase sets a trap with bucket loaded and wait until the thief out)
00:08:00 Chase: (Barking) Zip-line
00:08:08 (Music):
00:08:16 Chase: Gotcha! Oof!
00:08:17 (Scene): (Chase tries to apprehend it, but it is too smart)
00:08:19 Chase: Oh...
00:08:22 The Penguins: (Chirrupping)
00:08:23 Chase: Huh? There's more than one?
00:08:26 Chase: Ruff, ruff!!
00:08:31 (Scene): (Chase can’t catch them until he gets bucket stuck on his face, then Chase calls Ryder that the suspects are penguins)
00:08:31 Chase: Ryder, our slippery suspects are penguins!
00:08:34 Ryder, Cap'n Turbot, and Zuma: Penguins?
00:08:35 Chase: Yes.
00:08:37 Chase: I almost had them but they got away.
00:08:40 Cap'n Turbot: I need pictures of these precious penguins. Who will believe they floated all the way up here?
00:08:44 Ryder: Let's spread out and search.
00:08:46 (Scene): (Ryder, Chase, and Zuma spread out and find the penguins while Cap'n Turbot takes the picture of them)
00:08:53 Chase: Found one!
00:08:58 Cap'n Turbot: Huh?
00:08:59 Cap'n Turbot: (Laughing) Whoa, a perfect penguin picture.
00:09:04 Cap'n Turbot: (Sighing)
00:09:05 Pups: (Barking)
00:09:11 Ryder: Over there!
00:09:12 Cap'n Turbot: Where? (Camera shutter clicking) Darn, missed again.
00:09:15 Cap'n Turbot: Now where could those precocious penguins be?
00:09:18 Cap'n Turbot: It's a proverbial penguin posse!
00:09:21 Chase: Gotcha.
00:09:22 (Sound): (Camera shutter clicking)
00:09:23 Chase: Sorry, Cap'n.
00:09:25 Cap'n Turbot: We have to get those birds back to their cold homes.
00:09:28 Wally: (Barking)
00:09:29 Ryder: Sorry, Wally. We're all out of fish. And ideas.
00:09:33 Wally: (Barking)
00:09:35 Cap'n Turbot: Huh? Aie-aie-aie! An iceberg!
00:09:38 Ryder: The penguins must have ridden the iceberg up here. Maybe they could ride it home if we can get them on it.
00:09:45 Chase: We can't lure them. We're all out of fish.
00:09:48 Ryder: What else do penguins eat?
00:09:50 Cap'n Turbot: The usual… fish, fish, krill, fish, more fish, squid.
00:09:58 Cap'n Turbot: Oh, that's it… my squid jerky!
00:10:01 Cap'n Turbot: I was saving this squid jerky for Wally's stocking stuffer.
00:10:00 Cap'n Turbot: (Sniffing) Gross.
00:10:07 Cap'n Turbot: Those pesky pilfering penguins won't be able to resist my scrumptious squid.
00:10:09 Chase: Phew!
00:10:11 Zuma: Ahh!
00:10:12 Chase: That stuff stinks!
00:10:14 Cap'n Turbot: Yes, it does. Hmm… Maybe just a little nibble.
00:10:20 Cap'n Turbot: Oh! (Crashing)
00:10:21 Ryder: Hey, Zuma, can you take this over to the iceberg?
00:10:24 Zuma: Sure thing.
00:10:29 Zuma: (Barking) Buoy!
00:10:33 Ryder: Whoo, pee-yew.
00:10:35 (Scene): (Zuma lure the penguins with using the squid jerky to the iceberg)
00:10:44 Zuma: Chow time, little penguin dudes.
00:10:47 (Scene): (And the penguins dig in happily)
00:10:52 Zuma: (Laughing)
00:10:54 Chase: Aw, they're so happy on that iceberg.
00:10:56 Cap'n Turbot: It won't stay icy. They need to get back to colder water ASAP.
00:11:01 Ryder: Hmm. I've got it!
00:11:03 Ryder: Cap'n, let's check your lighthouse log for any ships headed south.
00:11:07 Cap'n Turbot: Great idea, Ryder.
00:11:09 Cap'n Turbot: Fantastic! A frozen-fish-carrying frigate is headed to the farthest tip of South America.
00:11:14 Ryder: Time to move an iceberg.
00:11:15 (Scene): (The next morning, The Flounder takes the iceberg along with the penguins back to the home)
00:11:22 Skye: They're so cute!
00:11:24 Rubble: I want to slide like a penguin.
00:11:26 Chase: Just hop up and ride on your belly.
00:11:28 Rubble: Whee!
00:11:30 Marshall: Me too, me too, me too! Whoa!
00:11:33 Singers: ♪ You're all good pups ♪
00:11:35 Singers: ♪ And we saved the day ♪
00:11:36 Cap'n Turbot: Say cheese.
00:11:37 (Scene): (And Marshall crashes into them when Cap'n Turbot and Wally took a picture with the penguins)