Pups Save the Parrot

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  • Ryder: "No job is too big, no parrot's too small!"

  • Rocky: "Where's Marshall?"
  • Marshall (on an elephant): "Here I come!"
  • Rocky: "I had to ask."

  • Ryder: "Carlos has trained him to talk."
  • Carlos: "Yeah, I taught him to say 'squawk!' for help. 'Squawk'!"

  • Chase: "Marshall, are you missing your hat?"
  • Marshall: "Mandy has it! Every time I try to grab it back, she puts a banana in my mouth!" (Mandy puts a banana in his mouth) "See?"

  • Marshall: "It came from the roof! If only we had a pup that could get up there."

(Ryder, Carlos, and the pups stare at Marshall.)

  • Marshall: "Oh. Like me, huh?"

  • Marshall: "Aww. I know why Mateo doesn't want to leave. Look!"
  • Matea: "Yelp for help!"
  • Ryder: "What? He's a she?"

  • Carlos: "Thanks for finding Mateo and, uh, her nest, Marshall."
  • Chase: "So, Mateo is a, she?"
  • Carlos: "And a mom." (Laughs) "I guess now I should call her 'Matea'."