This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Save the Parade" from Season 2, which premiered on August 27, 2014 in Canada, September 16, 2014 in the United States, and 12 November 2014 in the United Kingdom.

00:11:44 (Sound): (Balloon being inflated)
00:11:45 (Music):
00:11:48 (Sound): (Balloon popping)
00:11:48 Chase: Arf! (Giggles)
00:11:50 Chase: Um, how are the Adventure Bay Day preparations coming, pups?
00:11:54 Marshall: Great! Check this out!
00:11:56 Marshall: Hose! Woof!
00:11:58 (Sound): (Hose activating)
00:11:59 Chase: No no no no no!
00:12:00 Chase: Don't get the floats wet!
00:12:02 Marshall: Arf! Arf!
00:12:03 (Sound): (Cannons shoot confetti, tinkling sound)
00:12:05 Chase: (Laughing)
00:12:06 Chase: That'll start the parade with a bang!
00:12:08 Marshall: (Chuckling)
00:12:10 Chase: Hey Zuma! Cool pirate boat float!
00:12:12 Zuma: (Giggles) Arr! Shiver me timbers, dude!
00:12:16 Rocky: Check out my float, Chase!
00:12:18 Rocky: Green means go...
00:12:19 Rocky: to the parade.
00:12:19 (Music):
00:12:22 (Sound): (Rocky's truck's recycling mechanism going)
00:12:27 Chase: Awesome!
00:12:27 Rocky: Thanks, Chase!
00:12:28 Chase: And the highlight of the parade...
00:12:31 Chase: is in pieces?
00:12:33 Chase: Skye, aren't you going to skywrite?
00:12:35 Chase: It looks more like you're going to sky-wrong.
00:12:38 Skye: (Chuckles) Very funny.
00:12:40 Ryder: We're attaching containers to Skye's helicopter so she can skywrite a big surprise.
00:12:45 Chase: Will you be ready in time?
00:12:47 Ryder: Yup! Just have to put things back together.
00:12:49 Skye: And this puppy's gonna fly!
00:12:52 Skye: Ruff!
00:12:52 Rubble: (Growling)
00:12:54 Ryder: Rubble's having a little trouble with his decorations.
00:12:58 Rubble: (Growling)
00:12:59 Rubble: I'm trying to fill my bucket loader full of gray balloons to look like rocks...
00:13:03 Rubble: But look what happens!
00:13:05 (Sound): (Balloon inflating and rising into sky)
00:13:09 Rubble: (Sighs) I really didn't think this through.
00:13:12 Everyone: (Laughing)
00:13:16 Mayor Goodway: Ooh, I love Adventure Bay Day!
00:13:18 Mayor Goodway: Especially the blow-up pups!
00:13:20 (Sound): (Ringing)
00:13:20 Mayor Goodway: Oh, here comes Katie and her float!
00:13:23 Mayor Goodway: Hold this please.
00:13:24 Julius and Justina Goodway : (Giggling)
00:13:26 Alex: Cool tub, Katie.
00:13:27 Mayor Goodway: Yes, very cute float.
00:13:29 Katie: Thanks Mayor Goodway!
00:13:31 Mayor Goodway: Those pink balloons look especially bubble bath bubbly!
00:13:34 (Music):
00:13:35 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:13:38 Chickaletta: Ba-gawk!
00:13:40 Cali: (Hissing)
00:13:41 Chickaletta: Gawk!
00:13:42 Cali: (Chuckling)
00:13:43 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:13:44 Cali: (Moans in annoyance)
00:13:45 Katie: I'd never be ready without your help.
00:13:47 Katie: Thanks Alex!
00:13:48 Alex: No problem, Katie.
00:13:49 Alex: I love balloons.
00:13:51 Alex: Lots and lots of balloons.
00:13:55 Alex: Huh? Maybe that's too many balloons.
00:13:58 Katie: Ah! Oh no, Cali!
00:14:01 Cali: (Meows in distress)
00:14:02 Chickaletta: (Ba-gawks in distress)
00:14:04 Mayor Goodway: (Gasps) My precious purse chicken!
00:14:07 Mayor Goodway: Chickaletta!
00:14:09 Mayor Goodway: Come back!
00:14:11 Mayor Goodway: No!
00:14:12 Cali: Meow!
00:14:12 Chickaletta: Bock!
00:14:13 Katie: Cali!
00:14:15 Cali: (Meowing in distress)
00:14:19 Katie: Look! The tub stopped!
00:14:20 Mayor Goodway: But Chickaletta doesn't drink lemonade!
00:14:23 Mayor Goodway: What should we do?
00:14:24 Alex: I know!
00:14:25 Alex: Call the PAW Patrol!
00:14:27 Mayor Goodway: Wait! I'll call the PAW Patrol.
00:14:29 Katie: (Laughing)
00:14:31 (Sound): (Phone ringing)
00:14:33 Ryder: Happy Adventure Bay Day, Mayor Goodway!
00:14:35 Mayor Goodway: Not so happy Adventure Bay Day, you mean.
00:14:38 Mayor Goodway: We need help.
00:14:39 Ryder: What's wrong?
00:14:40 Mayor Goodway: Katie's bathtub float really did...
00:14:42 Mayor Goodway: float, away!
00:14:43 Mayor Goodway: With my precious Chickaletta inside.
00:14:46 Katie: And Cali too!
00:14:47 Mayor Goodway: It's stuck on the giant lemonade straw!
00:14:49 Mayor Goodway: You have to get Chickaletta down safely!
00:14:52 Katie: And Cali too!
00:14:53 Ryder: Don't worry Mayor.
00:14:54 Ryder: No job is too big, no pup is too small!
00:14:57 Mayor Goodway: Thanks Ryder.
00:14:59 Ryder: Paw Patrol, to the lookout!
00:15:01 (Music):
00:15:02 Rocky and Zuma: Ryder needs us!
00:19:01 (Sound): (Balloon being inflated, pups barking)
00:15:04 Marshall: Just have one last balloon.
00:15:07 Marshall: Uh-oh.
00:15:08 (Sound): (Balloon deflating)
00:15:09 Marshall: Wah!
00:15:10 Pups: (Barking)
00:15:14 Skye: Wait, where's Marshall?
00:15:15 (Sound): (Sound of ball bouncing)
00:15:15 Marshall: Wait for me!
00:15:17 Pups: (Laughing)
00:15:18 Rocky: Marshall!
00:15:19 Skye: Rubble!
00:15:19 Marshall: How do I get down?
00:15:20 Skye: Unzip your vest, silly!
00:15:23 (Sound): (Balloon deflating and bouncing)
00:15:24 Marshall: Woah!
00:15:26 Marshall: Woah!
00:15:27 Marshall: Watch the muzzle! 'Scuse me!
00:15:28 Marshall: Oh!
00:15:29 Skye: (Laughing)
00:15:30 Marshall: (Sighing)
00:15:31 Marshall: I feel so deflated.
00:15:33 Pups: (Laughing)
00:15:34 Skye: Marshall!
00:15:35 (Music): ♪ (Elevator)
00:15:35 Chase: Marshall!
00:15:52 Chase: PAW Patrol, ready for action, Ryder, sir!
00:15:56 Ryder: Thanks for coming so fast, pups.
00:15:58 Ryder: Katie's parade float has floated away!
00:16:01 Rubble: Ooh, I'd love a good scrub in a floating tub!
00:16:04 Chase and Zuma: (Laughing)
00:16:05 Ryder: With Cali and Chickaletta in it!
00:16:07 Ryder: The tub is caught on the lemonade stand's giant straw.
00:16:11 Ryder: We have to save the pets and get the tub down in time for the parade.
00:16:16 Ryder: Marshall, I need you to race to the lemonade stand and use your ladder to bring Cali and Chickaletta down safely.
00:16:22 Marshall: I'm fired up!
00:16:25 Ryder: Chase, I need you to use your megaphone and safety cones to keep an area clear for the tub to land.
00:16:31 Chase: Chase is on the case!
00:16:33 Ryder: The rest of you need to finish decorating your floats!
00:16:36 Pups: (Cheering)
00:16:37 Ryder: Rocky! Can you help Skye finish getting her helicopter ready for the big performance?
00:16:42 Skye: Or I won't be able to do my part in the parade!
00:16:44 Rocky: Don't worry, Skye.
00:16:45 Rocky: I'll make sure you can fly!
00:16:47 Skye: Yay!
00:16:48 Ryder: Great! As soon as we save Cali and Chickaletta, we need to be ready to start the parade.
00:16:53 Ryder: PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:16:56 Pups: (Barking and cheering)
00:17:01 (Music): ♪ (Deployment sequence for Marshall and Chase)
00:17:47 (Sound): (Sirens blaring)
00:17:57 (Sound): (Horn honking)
00:18:06 Chase: Rar! Megaphone!
00:18:07 (Sound): (Megaphone activating)
00:18:09 Chase: Please keep clear!
00:18:10 Chase: We need a safe perimeter to land the tub.
00:18:13 Marshall: Ladder up! Arf!
00:18:16 (Sound): (Ladder extending)
00:18:20 Marshall: Cali? Chickaletta?
00:18:22 Marshall: I'm here to get you down safely.
00:18:24 Cali: (Moaning)
00:18:27 Marshall: Wakey wakey, Chickaletta!
00:18:28 Marshall: Time to get rescued!
00:18:29 Cali: (Meowing in fear)
00:18:31 Cali: (Meowing in distress)
00:18:32 Marshall: Woah, Cali! I can't see!
00:18:34 Everyone: (Gasping)
00:18:35 Marshall: Woah!
00:18:37 Marshall: Oof!
00:18:40 Katie: Oh no!
00:18:41 Mayor Goodway: (Gasps)
00:18:42 Alex: Cool!
00:18:44 Chase: Everybody this way!
00:18:49 Chase: No, that way!
00:18:51 Chase: Wait, wait, wait, wait.
00:18:52 Chase: Back the way you were before!
00:18:56 Marshall: Woah!
00:18:58 Chase: I'm coming for you, Marshall!
00:19:01 (Sound): (Sirens blaring)
00:19:04 Marshall: Katie, how do you steer this crazy thing?
00:19:06 Katie: I don't know!
00:19:08 Katie: I usually just wash pets in it!
00:19:10 Marshall: Hey Chickaletta, can you help?
00:19:10 Chickaletta: (Snoring)
00:19:16 Marshall: Guess it's all up to this pup!
00:19:23 (Sound): (Bouncing)
00:19:23 Marshall: Wah!
00:19:24 Marshall: Ew! A giant Rocky nose!
00:19:27 Marshall: Eek! A giant Skye eye!
00:19:30 Marshall: Woah!
00:19:31 Marshall: A giant Zuma mouth?!
00:19:34 Marshall: (Gasps)
00:19:35 Marshall: A big, gigantic...
00:19:36 Marshall: Me!
00:19:37 Marshall: Cool!
00:19:38 Cali: (Meows in annoyance)
00:19:40 Cali: (Meows in alarm)
00:19:41 (Sound): (Impact and balloons popping)
00:19:43 Marshall: Woah!
00:19:44 Chickaletta: (Snoring)
00:19:46 Mayor Goodway: Oh my! (Gasps)
00:19:48 Chickaletta: (Clucking in surprise)
00:19:48 Mayor Goodway: Chickaletta!
00:19:50 Chase: Rar! Net!
00:19:51 (Sound): (Net cannon activating)
00:19:53 (Sound): (Net being shot)
00:19:56 (Sound): (Chickaletta bouncing off net)
00:19:57 Chickaletta: (Clucks)
00:19:57 Mayor Goodway: Oh! Chickaletta!
00:20:00 Mayor Goodway: (Kisses Chickaletta) You're safe!
00:20:02 Mayor Goodway: Oh yes! (Kisses Chickaletta)
00:20:04 Mayor Goodway: Adventure Bay Day is saved!
00:20:07 Marshall: Hello?
00:20:08 Marshall: Not quite saved yet!
00:20:10 Marshall: We're stuck!
00:20:11 Cali: (Meows in distress)
00:20:12 Marshall: Easy, Cali.
00:20:13 Marshall: Wah!
00:20:15 Everyone: (Gasps)
00:20:17 Katie: Ryder! Somebody's got to save them!
00:20:20 Cali: (Meows)
00:20:21 Ryder: We need Skye!
00:20:24 (Sound): (Bolt being riveted)
00:20:26 Rocky: Skywriting cylinder attached.
00:20:28 Rocky: You're clear for takeoff!
00:20:29 Skye: See you at the parade!
00:20:31 (Sound): (Helicopter taking off)
00:20:31 (Music):
00:20:37 Ryder: Skye!
00:20:38 Skye: Right here, Ryder!
00:20:39 Skye: Heading to the parade for my big skywriting performance!!
00:20:42 Ryder: Sorry, that'll have to wait.
00:20:44 Ryder: I need you here to get Marshall and Cali down from the float-away bathtub float.
00:20:49 Ryder: Hurry!
00:20:49 Skye: Let's take to the sky!
00:20:55 Marshall: Skye!
00:20:57 Skye: Marshall!
00:20:58 Marshall: Boy, am I glad to see you!
00:21:00 Skye: Ruff!
00:21:02 (Sound): (Handle being deployed from helicopter)
00:21:03 Skye: Grab on!
00:21:05 Marshall: Look: no paws!
00:21:06 (Sound): (Biting)
00:21:06 Everyone: (Gasps)
00:21:12 Chase: Yes! You're safe!
00:21:14 Chase: And right between my cones!
00:21:16 Chase: Aroo!
00:21:17 Marshall: Aroo!
00:21:18 Marshall: Yes! Solid ground! (Kisses ground)
00:21:22 Katie: Cali!
00:21:23 Cali: (Meows)
00:21:23 Katie: I'm so glad you're safe!
00:21:26 (Music):
00:21:26 Chase: But the tub's still floating away!
00:21:28 Ryder: Chase!
00:21:29 Ryder: Use your tennis ball cannon to pop some balloons!
00:21:31 Chase: Rar!
00:21:32 Chase: Tennis ball cannon!
00:21:34 (Sound): (Tennis ball cannon activating and shooting once)
00:21:37 (Sound): (Balloon popping)
00:21:38 Chase: Rar! Rar!
00:21:39 (Sound): (Tennis balls being fired and balloons popping)
00:21:41 Marshall: It's working!
00:21:43 Chase: Rar, rar!
00:21:44 (Sound): (Tennis balls being fired)
00:21:45 (Sound): (Balloons popping)
00:21:47 Chase: Pardon me, folks.
00:21:49 Chase: Hold on!
00:21:51 Chase: Watch out!
00:21:53 Chase: Oh no...
00:21:54 Chase: Excuse me.
00:21:56 Chase: Yes! Chase is...
00:21:57 Chase: on the...
00:21:59 Chase: case!
00:22:00 Mayor Goodway: Thank you so much, Ryder.
00:22:02 Katie: And the PAW Patrol.
00:22:04 Ryder: Whenever you're in trouble, just yelp for help!
00:22:07 Mayor Goodway: I think we can finally begin the Adventure Bay Day parade!
00:22:10 Everyone: (Cheering)
00:22:15 Ryder: You're on, Skye!
00:22:17 Skye: This pup's gotta fly!
00:22:19 Everyone: (Cheering)
00:22:21 Skye: Yip!
00:22:23 Everyone: (Cheering)
00:22:25 Skye: (Giggling)
00:22:27 Everyone: (Cheering)
00:22:30 Everyone: (Cheering and barking) Yeah! Woohoo! That's so cool! Amazing!
00:22:35 Pups: Great job, Skye!