Pups Save the Parade



  • Marshall uses the water cannons in his pup pack as a confetti cannons.
  • Chase is revealed to have a tennis ball cannon, and uses it for the first time.
  • Katie uses her bathtub as a float.
  • This is the first episode in which Skye has performed skywriting (drawing the PAW Patrol logo).
  • In the parade, giant balloon versions of the pups were used.
  • Helium gets into Marshall's vest and inflates inside of this vest to make him look and float like a balloon.


  • Skye's badge disappears briefly and then reappears in the elevator.  It also disappears while Skye is on the way to City Hall in her copter to help with the rescue.
  • When the balloon got caught in Marshall's zipper, it looked like it got stuck to his pup tag first, preventing it from inflating his vest.

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