Pups Save the Parade



  • Chase: "That'll start the parade with a bang!"

  • Chase: "Hey Zuma, cool pirate boat float."
  • Zuma: (Giggles) "Argh. Shiver me timbers, dude."

  • Chase: "Skye, you aren't going to skywrite? It looks more like you're going to sky-wrong."
  • Skye: (Chuckles) "Very funny."

  • Marshall: (Releases air from his vest to stop floating) "I feel so deflated."

  • Rubble: "Oh, I'd love a good scrub in a floating tub!"

  • Marshall: "Wakey-wakey Chickaletta, time to get rescued!"

  • Marshall: (Referring to the flying tub) "Katie, how do you steer this crazy thing?"
  • Katie: "I don't know. I usually just wash pets in it."

  • Marshall: "A big gigantic..." (Bumps into giant Marshall balloon) "! Cool!"

  • Marshall: "Look, no paws!" (Grabs safety bar with his mouth)