Pups Save the PAW Patroller

PAW Patrol Pups Save the PAW Patroller Scene 13


(Mayor Humdinger's television has just broken.)

  • Mayor Humdinger: "Hmm, I need a new TV... and I know where I can find the biggest screen in Adventure Bay!"

(The kittens stare at Mayor Humdinger with perplexed expressions, unsure what he is talking about.)

  • Mayor Humdinger: "It even comes with eighteen wheels and a horn. Get it?"

(The kittens shake their heads in confusion.)

  • Mayor Humdinger: "This scheme is a real humdinger! Oh, yes, I am the mayor of funny."

  • Mayor Humdinger: "You're just going to leave me tied up in a chair like this?"
  • Ryder: "Sounds like a good plan to me."

  • Chase: "It's nice to have someone else doing the driving."

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