Pups Save the Mayor's Tulips

PAW Patrol 316B Scene 39


  • Mayor Humdinger: "My, what lovely tulips! Mayor Goodway, you're sure to win..."
  • Mayor Goodway: "Well, I..."
  • Mayor Humdinger: "...second place!"
  • Mayor Goodway: "Second place?

  • Chase: "Officer Bear?"
  • (He touches the bear and it plays lullaby music. He gives it a cuddle.)
  • Rubble: "Aww."
  • Chase: "Oh, but he's for babies."
  • Rubble: "Looks like a pretty good toy to me."
  • Chase: "Step away from the bear! Slowly!"

  • Skye: "Aww. Naptime for baby Marshall!"

  • Mayor Goodway: "Thank you for coming, Ryder." (To Garbie) "Shoo, shoo, shoo."
  • Chase: "Shoo? But we just got here!"

  • Mayor Humdinger: "Help! Ryder, get rid of this tulip-munching goat before I don't have a single flower left! No!"
  • (Garbie eats the last tulip.)
  • Mayor Humdinger: "Naaah, too late!"
  • Mayor Goodway: "The big cheater deserved it!"