Pups Save the Hippos

PAW Patrol Pups Save the Hippos Scene 4


  • Zuma: "Chase, when's the sneak preview?"
  • Chase (speaking through his megaphone): "Any minute no--" (clears throat and turns off his megaphone) "I mean, any minute now."

  • (A hippo eats Mayor Goodway's water lily from her blazer.)
  • Raimundo: "My apologies, Mayor. My hippos are just crazy for water lilies."

  • Marshall: "I always knew I had the rhythm in me."

  • Rocky (after knowing the situation about Raimundo and the hippos): "Whoa, those hippos sure can shake!"

  • (Marshall is still in the middle of a trapeze act, flying and screaming.)
  • Raimundo: "Thanks, Ryder. Now the show can go on! Though I think Marshall, still needs more practice!"

  • Zuma (after getting some water lilies using his buoy): "Yes! Snag on the first shot!"

  • Zuma: "That's what I call, flower power!"