Pups Save the Gliding Turbots

PAW Patrol 323A Scene 34


  • Francois: "We should turn right because well, because I am right!"

  • Zuma: "We rule at catching, but our throwing could use some work."
  • Chase: "Why do you say that, Zuma?"
  • (Zuma throws the frisbee, the frisbee passes through the seagulls, rolls on the umbrella and the beach bed, and lands near him.)
  • Zuma: "Oh, no reason!"

  • Marshall (after a mishap): "I'm good."
  • Skye (singing): "Pop goes the puppy!"

  • Cap'n Turbot: "Well, isn't this a perfectly preposterous pickle of a prickly predicament?"

  • Ryder: "Now to find Cap'n Turbot. According to his GPS, he's crawling through a swamp? That can't be right."

  • Chase: "My, Cap'n Turbot, what sharp teeth you have!"

  • Cap'n Turbot: "The albino monkey! What luck! I need a picture... but my camera's on my phone, and my phone's in a crocodile! What lousy luck!"

  • Rocky: "We... are... back in business!"

  • Ryder: "Cap'n Turbot, we need to get you on the ground and away from that hurricane!"