Pups Save the Flying Food

Flying Food 28


  • Mr. Porter: "Okay, Ryder. I'll deliver those treats to The Lookout in just two wags of a pup's tail!"

  • Marshall: "So the bug is really a drone, huh?"

  • Mr. Porter: "Tell your monkeys to keep their eyes peeled for flying bananas!"

  • Mayor Goodway: "Um, Mr. Porter, Chickaletta isn't that hungry. Call all of your delivery drones!"

  • Rocky: "Green means go get that flying food!"

  • Rubble: "Hamburger catastrophe avoided!"

  • Skye: "Wow! This is a one wild drone chase!"

  • Skye: "O-oh! I think those piglets played a little too rough with this!"

  • Mayor Goodway: "Oh, yes! That's a very fine hat for our chicken statue!"

  • Mr. Porter: "I think I'm going to go back to trusty old van."

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