For the Season 1 episode this game is based upon, see Pups Fall Festival.

Pups Save the Farm

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Pups Save the Farm is a game that is on Nick Jr's website. It was released to the public on January 24, 2014. The game can be played here:

Playable Characters


Uh oh! A blizzard is on its way to Farmer Yumi's farm, and she still has to collect the crops for the Fall Festival. The PAW Patrol is here to help, and they need just one more set of paws to save the Fall Festival and the crops: You!


There are 4 different games you can choose from and play again anytime, but you have to play all the games at least once to save the day.

Pumpkin Roll

Uh oh! Marshall is on a roll, literally! He got clumsy and is now rolling on a pumpkin barrel; and the pumkins and hay-bales are on a roll too! Help Marshall catch as many pumpkins as he can and don't forget to avoid hay-bales. Just use your mouse to roll him left and right and catch pumpkins, but you have to be careful. If the pumpkins hit the side of the barrel, Marshall will spin out. Collect as many pumpkins as you can before time runs out, and watch Marshall as he rolls down on the last pumpkin and gets his head stuck in another one.

Shoots and Apples

Rocky is using Yumi's old rain chutes as a chute for apples to get them from Rubble's rig to the apple barrel. This game is a puzzle. Click the rain chutes so they go from the rig to the barrel. When you're sure you got the right path, click on Rubble's rig and he'll dump the apples. There are three puzzles, so help Rocky and Rubble on the double!

Apple Launch

Chase has a plan to get the high apples. He'll use his net to launch the apples into the vehicles, but he needs your help to aim. Click on the apple tree to prepare to launch. Then, move the mouse back to aim. When you think you got it, click the mouse to launch the apples into either Rocky, Rubble, or Skye's baskets. If you miss, an arrow will appear and show you where to aim; you might want to use this to aim at Skye's since she's the farthest away. Launch as many apples as you can before time runs and see how Marshall handles apple launching.

Load the Crops

Rocky, Marshall, and Rubble are helping Skye get each of the crops (cabbages, apples and corns). Using the arrow keys and the space bar, you need to sort the crops by color. The red crops should be put in Marshall's fire truck, the yellow crops should be put in Rubble's rig, and the green crops should be put in Rocky's recycling truck. But be quick. Sort as many crops as possible before time is up.