Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt



  • Skye: "Okay everypuppy, just follow the bouncing bunnies on the screen!"

  • Skye: "Ryder needs us!"
  • Zuma: "Let's hop to it!"

  • Chase: "I guess I was overly egg-cited."
  • Rocky: "Wah, wah, wah!"

  • Marshall: *barks twice* "Water cannon!"
  • Rocky: "Almost ready!"
  • Ryder: (fills Marshall's water cans with paint) "Okay Marshall, fire away!"

(Marshall barks and sprays paint on all the eggs; accidentally getting paint on Rocky in the process.)

  • Rocky: "No!"
  • Skye: "Rocky, those colors look egg-cellent on you!"
  • Rocky: (shakes off paint) "Pink and yellow don't work for this fellow."

  • Marshall: "Chickaletta, come on out! Olly, olly, chicken feet!"

  • Rocky: "This must be the eagle's nest; she took us home! Now, we can climb down." (notices the giant cliff) "Or not."

  • Marshall: (looks at the eagle) "She doesn't even blink." (shivers) "Ugh, freaky."

(Rocky steps out of the easter basket, slips and falls off of the cliff.)

  • Ryder: (in panic) "Chase! Net!"

(Chase barks, deploys his net and saves Rocky.)

  • Rocky: "Woah!" (bounces on net) "Yeah!"
  • Ryder: (in relief) "Yes! Nice save, Chase!"

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