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Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt
Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt (HD)
Season 1, Episode 21
Vital statistics
Original Air Date
April 14, 2014
14 April 2014
Flag of Canada
April 19, 2014
Written by Ursula Ziegler Sullivan
Directed by Jamie Whitney
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Pups Save a Toof Pups and the Lighthouse Boogie

"Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt" is the 21st episode in Season 1 of PAW Patrol. It premiered on April 14, 2014 in the US and the UK, and on April 19, 2014 in Canada.


It’s Adventure Bay’s annual Easter Egg Hunt and the pups are helping Mayor Goodway with the egg decorating. The hunt for a very special egg leads Ryder and the PAW Patrol on an exciting adventure.


It's Easter time in Adventure Bay, and the pups are busy practicing and training for the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt at the City Hall, including Skye flying overhead and locating eggs with her goggles. They even mistake a bunny's tail for an egg and have a good laugh about it. Marshall brings buckets full of eggs, but they fall out and crack, leaving raw whites and yolks, because he hadn't known they needed to be hard-boiled first.

At the City Hall, Mayor Goodway, dressed in a pink-striped outfit from her usual attire with a pair of bunny ears on her head, is busy painting eggs for the egg hunt with Alex while Chickaleta is busy pecking away at a jelly bean. Unfortunately, Chickaleta knocks her jelly bean off the table, and in her pursuit of it, accidentally causes Mayor Goodway to trip over her and sprain her arm.

At the Lookout, Ryder soon gets a call from Mayor Goodway and Alex asking for help since with Mayor Goodway injured, they can't finish painting the eggs in time for the Egg Hunt. Ryder agrees and calls the PAW Patrol to hand out their orders. All the pups are needed for this assignment, and they soon deploy to lend a hand. With the pups' help (during which they sing a short song about Easter), the eggs are done in time, and Alex even adds a larger egg he found and painted himself to be used in the hunt.

However, the Mother Eagle soon appears overhead and, without warning, snatches the entire basket full of eggs and candy, and flies back to her nest, taking Rocky and Chickaleta with her as they were in the basket at the time. Skye tries to pursue the mother eagle and take the basket back, but the mother eagle forces her to retreat without it.

Ryder soon realizes that the large egg Alex found must be the Mother Eagle's egg, and she was only taking back what was stolen from her. Alex is upset over having goofed up like he did, but Ryder assures him that when you find an egg in the wild, it is best to leave it alone. With the basket, Rocky, and Chickaleta in need of rescuing, the PAW Patrol deploy to go help. Skye and Zuma stay behind with Mayor Goodway and Alex when Rubble returns from Farmer Yumi's with several bunnies to celebrate Easter with, while Ryder, Chase, Marshall, and Rubble go to help Rocky and Chickaleta.

After dropping the basket off at her nest, the Mother Eagle departs to find food. Rocky, upon seeing that they are trapped for the time being, watches as Chickaleta acts on her instincts, and egg-sits for the Mother Eagle, causing the egg to partially hatch so the baby eagle's legs and feet stick out of the bottom of the egg. Nicknaming the baby eagle "Little Eggle," Rocky is about to move it from the basket back to the nest, but is interrupted by the Mother Eagle's return, and fears she is angry upon seeing him with her young...

On the mountain road below, Ryder and the pups' path to the nest is blocked by rocks, but Rubble moves them aside easily with his rig. When they arrive at the nest, Rocky tries to apologize to the Mother Eagle, but she offers him a worm to eat. While Rocky doesn't want it, Chickaleta accepts it as thanks from the Mother Eagle for her egg-sitting. When they hear Ryder below, Ryder sees that they will have to distract the Mother Eagle in order to get Rocky and Chickaleta down and retrieve the basket. Knowing an eagle's love of fish as one of its favorite foods, Ryder has Zuma go see Captain Turbot for a bucket of fish, while Skye carries the bucket up to the nest and is able to lure the Mother Eagle away where she happily digs into the fresh seafood.

With the Mother Eagle distracted, Rocky is able to return Little Eggle to the nest, but in his attempts to climb out of the basket, he loses his balance and falls out. Thanks to Chase's quick reaction with using his net, Rocky avoids being seriously hurt, and Skye takes care of recovering the basket and Chickaleta, now that the baby eagle was back in the nest, and the mother would not come looking for it again.

Once the PAW Patrol return to the City Hall with the basket and the goodies inside safe, along with Rocky and Chickaleta, it is not long before the pups and the kids are able to enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt. Alex is at first upset over the loss of his egg, but Ryder assures him that Little Eggle is back with his mom, where it belongs.

Later that day, the pups and Ryder are in the Lookout, relaxing after having such a fun and exciting Easter celebration. Rubble wonders about how Little Eggle is doing, and Ryder offers the pups a chance to see on the view screen. The pups watch as Little Eggle fully hatches, and even sprouts three multicolored feathers on its head. The pups can only go "Aw!" as they watch Little Eggle and his mom nuzzle lovingly, as the episode irises out...


Pups in Action

First RespondersEdit

Rubble: Use his rig to bring more eggs from Farmer Yumi's Farm to the City Hall.

Rocky: Color the eggs using his tools.

Zuma: Help Rocky color the eggs.

Marshallpng: Use his water cannons to decorate the eggs.

Skye: Use her wings and goggles to find hiding places for the eggs.

Chasehjj: Keep everything running smoothly.

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