Pups Save the Diving Bell

Diving bell 6


  • Francois: "You call this old bucket of bolts a diving bell?"

  • Cap'n Turbot: "I brought my old camera, too. It's taken many a fine fish photo."
  • Francois: "Ha! Not like my special underwater, high-def, hi-fi, Wi-Fi, can't-miss camera."

  • Marshall: (pushes Precious' owner's mom out of elevator) "Enjoy your book!"

  • Rocky: "Green means go...uh, even if it means go get wet." *shivers*

  • Ryder: "You sure you don’t want to ride in the sub, Rocky?"
  • Rocky: "And leave this nice, dry beach? No thanks!"

  • Ryder: (after Rocky jumps into the bay) "See, that’s not so bad. How you doing?"
  • Rocky: "Good; good and wet, wet, wet, wet."

  • Cap'n Turbot: "Ryder's coming. We'll just wait for him to fix the steering."
  • Francois: "Francois Turbot waits for no one!" (grabs steering lever)

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