This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Save the Critters" from Season 4, which premiered on March 18, 2017 in Canada, and on April 7, 2017 in the United States.

00:11:44 Francois: (Straining) Gah! Why must you be so stubborn, hmm? Fit back together, please!
00:11:54 Ryder: Hi, Francois! Are you okay?
00:11:56 Francois: But, of course! Just having the teensiest trouble with this... (hit his arm) trailer hitch! I'm, uh… how you say it? Good?
00:12:06 Zuma: Watch you got in here? Whoa! Whatever it is, it sure is big and green... and teetherific.
00:12:14 Francois: That is Jimmy the Crocodile. Don't worry, he's safely in his cage, like all my other slithery friends.
00:12:21 Zuma: Your other what?
00:12:22 (Sound): (Hissing)
00:12:23 Snakes: (Hissing)
00:12:24 Frogs: (Croaking)
00:12:26 Francois: Oh, except Xander. He's right here on my beret. Ç'est bonjour! (Say hello!)
00:12:31 Ryder: Is that a purple chameleon?
00:12:33 Francois: Only for the moment. Xander can change his color to match his surroundings. That helps him protect himself in the wild.
00:12:41 Rocky: So cool!
00:12:43 Francois: The coolest! That is why I'm bringing my reptiles and amphibians to the Adventure Bay School, so I can teach the kids all about them.
00:12:52 Ryder: So, how long have you had all these critters?
00:12:55 Francois: Ever since I was a brilliant young zoologist. I raised them from teeny-weensy eggs. And now, where I go, they go!
00:13:04 Rocky: Uh, Francois, I don't think you can go anywhere. That's the wrong hitch for this trailer.
00:13:09 Francois: Oh, no, no, no, no, no! It is fine. It just needs a good idea.
00:13:13 Francois: (Thinking) A-ha! Of which I have exactly one!
00:13:19 Francois: Ha! (Grab a chew gum)
00:13:26 Francois: (Chuckling) I am such a genius. And also, that should work.
00:13:31 Ryder: I don't know, Francois.
00:13:32 Francois: It'll be okay, and I don't want to keep the children waiting. Au revoir! (See you!)
00:13:40 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:13:41 Marshall: This one's good too!
00:13:43 Mr. Porter: Great! Thanks for helping me check these apples, Marshall.
00:13:46 Rubble: They look yummy! May I have one?
00:13:49 Mr. Porter: Sure, Rubble! Help yourself.
00:13:51 Rubble: Thanks! Mmm…!
00:13:53 Marshall: Whoa! Look at the big worm in this one.
00:13:58 Rubble: Uh, I'll stick to the dog treats. (Laugh)
00:14:02 Mr. Porter: (Laughing)
00:14:03 (Sound): (Horn honking)
00:14:06 Francois: Allo!
00:14:08 Francois: (Whistling)
00:14:11 Francois Turbot: Le whoops!
00:14:23 Frogs: (Croaking)
00:14:24 Jimmy: (Roaring)
00:14:25 Pedestrians: (Crowd screaming and yelling "Snake")
00:14:30 Snakes: (Hissing)
00:14:31 Man: S… s… sna… snakes! (Screaming)
00:14:34 Jimmy and Frogs: (Croaking and roaring)
00:14:37 Francois: Ah, at last, that creaking noise is gone. Ah! As are my slithery friends!
00:14:46 Francois: (Gasping) Le no, no! Le no, no!
00:14:49 Francois: (Gasping) Le this is really bad.
00:14:52 (Sound): (Beeping and ringing)
00:14:53 Francois: (Screaming)
00:14:56 Francois (On pup pad): (Continue screaming)
00:14:57 Ryder: Okay, Francois, calm down and tell me the problem.
00:15:01 Francois: Ribbit, and Sigmund, and Greeny, and Xander, and Jimmy, and the rest of them, they are all run away!
00:15:08 Ryder: Don't worry, Francois, we'll find them. No croc is too big, no frog is too small!
00:15:14 Ryder: (Pup pad beeping) PAW Patrol, to the Lookout!
00:15:17 Pups: Ryder needs us!
00:15:19 Marshall: Yeah! Whoa! Whoa!
00:15:21 Pups: (Barking and howling)
00:15:22 Marshall: Whoa!
00:15:23 Rubble: Careful!
00:15:24 Zuma: Marshall!
00:15:25 Rubble: Look out!
00:15:26 Rocky: Down!
00:15:27 Marshall: Whoa! (Crashing)
00:15:29 Marshall: How 'bout them apples?
00:15:31 Pups: (Pups laughing)
00:15:42 (Sound): (Elevator bell dinging)
00:15:47 Chase: PAW Patrol ready for action, Ryder, sir.
00:15:51 Ryder: (Pup pad beeping) Thanks for coming so quickly, pups. Francois' trailer unhooked from his truck…
00:15:55 Francois (On the screen): Gah!
00:15:56 Ryder: …and all of his critters got loose. It's up to us to round them up and get them safely back.
00:16:02 Ryder: So, for this mission, I'll need (Pup pad beeping) Rocky. I need you to put the right hitch on the trailer.
00:16:08 Rocky: Green means go!
00:16:10 Ryder: Marshall, (Pup pad beeping) reptiles and amphibians love water. I need you to make puddles with your water cannons to lure them.
00:16:17 Marshall: Ribbit! I mean, I'm fired up!
00:16:20 Ryder: All right, PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:16:24 Pups: (Barking)
00:16:26 (Music): ♪ (Deployment sequence for Rocky and Marshall)
00:17:08 (Sound): (Tires screeching)
00:17:09 (Sound): (Siren blaring)
00:17:15 (Sound): (Siren continue sounding)
00:17:24 Mr. Porter: (Humming)
00:17:27 Frog: (Croaking)
00:17:28 Mr. Porter: Ah! This fruit has frogs! Jeepers and I was worried about worms!
00:17:34 Frogs: (Croaking)
00:17:36 Mr. Porter: Frogs and fruits don't mix!
00:17:39 Frogs: (Croaking)
00:17:40 Mr. Porter: I need help!
00:17:42 Francois: Don't worry, the PAW Patrol will get all my friends back the turtle, the frog, the snake…
00:17:29 Mayor Goodway: Hold on, hold on. (Chuckling) You mean to tell me there are slimy snakes loose in my Adventure Bay?
00:17:56 Francois: No, not at all.
00:17:57 Mayor Goodway: Oh, phew, that's a relief.
00:17:58 Francois: A snake is not slimy. Actually, they feel quite dry.
00:18:02 Mayor Goodway: (Yelping) Something just fell on me! Oh, silly me, it was just a snake. A snake?! A real snake?!
00:18:09 Francois: A real friendly snake. Now, time for daddy's snaky to get back in his cage-wagey.
00:18:16 (Sound): (Siren sounding)
00:18:18 Ryder: Hey, Francois, we're here to replace your hitch.
00:18:21 Francois: Oh, merci (Thanks) for all your help, Ryder.
00:18:24 Ryder: Rocky, check if you have the right parts.
00:18:27 Rocky: Will do!
00:18:28 Francois: (Gasping) Oh, no. Where did that sneaky little chameleon go this time? Xander? Yoo-hoo?
00:18:35 Mayor Goodway: A chameleon? They can camouflage.
00:18:39 Mayor Goodway: They can't make themselves look like chickens, can they?
00:18:42 Francois: Chickens? Definitely not.
00:18:45 Mayor Goodway: Oh, good! (Laughing) Sorry, sweetie. Mommy loves you!
00:18:49 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:18:50 Mayor Goodway: Oh, but Mommy has to sit down. It has been quite the day. Ah! Not a rock!
00:18:56 Francois: Oh, there you are, Ebenezer!
00:19:01 Rocky: I found a hitch!
00:19:02 Ryder: I knew you would. Go ahead and put it on!
00:19:06 Rocky: (Barking) Ratchet!
00:19:10 (Sound): (Ringing)
00:19:11 Ryder: Hi! Ryder here!
00:19:13 Mr. Porter: Ryder, I've got fruit in my frog stand. I mean, frogs in my fruit stand! Point is, I've got frogs!
00:19:21 Ryder: We're on it, Mr. Porter. Rocky, finish fixing the trailer.
00:19:25 Rocky: You got it, Ryder!
00:19:28 Ryder: Marshall, let's go!
00:19:32 (Sound): (Siren blaring)
00:19:33 Mr. Porter: (Yelling)
00:19:36 Ryder: Marshall, use your water cannons to make a trail of puddles.
00:19:39 Marshall: On it! (Barking) Water cannon!
00:19:46 Frogs: (Croaking)
00:19:50 Ryder: Great, Marshall! They love it! Now, keep making puddles all the way to the trailer.
00:19:56 Frogs: (Croaking)
00:19:59 Francois: Ribbit, Sigmund, this way, babies!
00:20:03 Clown: (Horn honking)
00:20:05 Ryder: Marshall, see if you can lure them with water.
00:20:11 Marshall: Good idea, Ryder! They like it!
00:20:13 Francois: Of course, they do. Those are the water snakes.
00:20:16 (Sound): (Ringing)
00:20:17 Ryder: Hey, Katie! Did you find snakes too?
00:20:20 Katie: I wish! Something bigger and a lot toothier showed up at the pool.
00:20:24 Ryder: We'll be right there! Let's roll!
00:20:27 Katie: He's over there!
00:20:28 Jimmy: (Snoring)
00:20:31 Francois: Jimmy, come to papa, Jimmy!
00:20:34 Jimmy: (Growing)
00:20:35 Francois: (Chuckling) He does not always come when I call. It crocodiles are sort of like cats that way.
00:20:41 Cali: (Meowing)
00:20:42 Ryder: That's okay. We'll just have to find another way to get him out of the pool.
00:20:46 Marshall: And without getting too close.
00:20:48 Francois: It is true. His bite is worse than his bark. Though crocodiles actually snarl, not bark.
00:20:55 Ryder: He sure does like that float-y and those sunglasses.
00:20:59 Jimmy: (Roaring)
00:21:00 Ryder: Hmm... what else does a croc like?
00:21:02 Marshall: What about another croc?
00:21:04 Rocky: But where would we get another croc?
00:21:06 Ryder: I have an idea! (Pup pad beeping) Zuma, I'm going to need your help.
00:21:11 Rocky: Lengthen the snout. And add a few more big, pointy teeth.
00:21:16 Ryder: Okay, Marshall, make it green.
00:21:18 Marshall: (Barking) Paint cannons!
00:21:25 Ryder: See, Zuma, I knew your dragon costume could be made to look like a croc.
00:21:31 Marshall and Zuma: Roar!
00:21:32 Ryder: Now let's see if we can lure Jimmy out of the pool.
00:21:37 Marshall: Yoo-hoo, Jimmy! I'm your new crocodile friend.
00:21:41 Zuma: We need to get his attention. Time to bust out some dance moves, dude!
00:21:46 Marshall and Zuma (Singing): ♪ Go, crocky, go, crocky, go crocky, go! ♪
00:21:50 Marshall: Yikes! It's working! Run!
00:21:53 Ryder: Head toward the trailer!
00:21:55 Marshall: Okay, Ryder, we'll be right… whoa, Xander! Whoa!
00:22:00 Jimmy: (Growing)
00:22:02 Marshall and Zuma: Whoa!
00:22:05 Francois: Come on over here, Jimmy. I know you love the sunglasses!
00:22:10 Jimmy: (Growing)
00:22:13 Francois: Phew! Good work, everyone.
00:22:16 Rocky: But Xander's still on the loose.
00:22:18 Zuma: No way, dude! There he is!
00:22:20 Francois: Oh... Oh, Xander, I missed you most of all. PAW Patrol, you have outdone yourselves. Thank you!
00:22:29 Ryder: You're welcome, Francois! Remember, whenever you have a problem, just ribbit for help!
00:22:32 Zuma: Ribbit!
00:22:33 Marshall: Ribbit!
00:22:34 Rocky: (Laughing)
00:22:35 Marshall: Ribbit!
00:22:36 Ryder: You're all such good pups!
00:22:37 Singers: ♪ PA-PA-PA-PA-PA-PAW Patrol ♪