Pups Save the Critters

PAW Patrol Pups Save the Critters 13


  • Marshall: (Sees a worm in an apple using his x-ray screen): "Who-hoa! Look at the big worm in this one!"
  • Rubble: "Uh, I'll stick to the dog treats."

  • Ryder: "No croc is too big, no frog is too small."

  • Marshall: "Ribbit! I mean, I'm fired up!"

  • Mayor Goodway: "A chameleon?" (Gasps) "They can camouflage! They could be anywhere. They can't make themselves look like chickens, can they?"
  • Francois: "Chickens? Definitely not."

  • Mr. Porter: "Ryder, I got fruit in my frogstand, I mean, frogs in my fruitstand!"

  • Ryder: "We'll just have to find another way to get him out of the pool."
  • Marshall: "And without getting too close."
  • Francois: "It is true. His bite is worse than his bark. Though crocodiles actually snarl, not bark."

  • Zuma: "We need to get his attention. Time to bust out some dance moves, dude!"