This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Save the Circus" from Season 1, which premiered on August 21, 2013 in the United States, and on September 10, 2013 in Canada.

00:00:54 Man: Ladies and gentlemen, Pups of all ages.
00:00:58 Man: The most spectacular circus ever seen in adventure bay is...
00:01:01 Raimundo: (The big top is down) Over.
00:01:06 (Scene): (The pups are exciting to help Raimundo take down the big top.)
00:01:08 Raimundo: Thanks for helping take down the big top, Ryder.
00:01:10 Ryder: No problem, Ringmaster Raymundo. We really loved your circus.
00:01:18 Rocky: That's the last tent stake.
00:01:23 Ryder: Rubble, we need you and your digger to the load the tent onto the train.
00:01:26 Raimundo: Don't worry, we've got it.
00:01:29 Raimundo: (Whistling)
00:01:30 Eunice: (Trumpeting)
00:01:31 Ryder: Eunice the elephant and her baby, ellie?
00:01:34 Ryder: They were great!
00:01:35 Raimundo: Wait till you see this!
00:01:39 (Scene): (Eunice and Ellie packing the big top and load it into the train.)
00:02:00 Rubble: That's it for the circus. Bye, ellie.
00:02:03 Eunice and Ellie: (Trumpeting)
00:02:06 Ryder: Wait. (Ryder gives Ellie some peanuts to eat.)
00:02:09 Ryder: Thanks for a great show.
00:02:14 Ellie: (Trumpeting)
00:02:16 (Scene): (And the train is ready to set off.)
00:02:20 Raimundo: Goodbye, everyone!
00:02:23 Skye: Bye-bye. See you later.
00:02:24 Ryder: Bye, Ellie.
00:02:26 (Scene): (Back to the lookout, the pups practicing circus act.)
00:02:30 Skye: Ladies and gentlemen, The greatest show in Adventure Bay!
00:02:37 Skye: Ta-da!
00:02:39 Ryder: Whoa, look at those circus pups go!
00:02:41 (Scene): (Ryder receives a call and hang up)
00:02:42 Ryder: Hello! Ryder here.
00:02:44 Alex: Ryder, I need your help!
00:02:45 Alex: It's a super big, huge emergency!
00:02:48 Ryder: What's wrong?
00:02:49 Alex: A whole barrel of peanuts is missing! And I was going to make a fresh Peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
00:02:55 Ryder: I'm not sure how we can help, Alex.
00:02:58 Ryder: That's not exactly an emergency.
00:03:00 Alex: What? I already poured a whole glass of cold milk.
00:03:02 Ryder: (Ryder gets another call.) I have another call I have to answer. Hang in there.
00:03:09 Alex: Okay, I'll try.
00:03:12 Raimundo: Ryder, ellie the baby elephant got out of her boxcar, and ran off toward Adventure Bay.
00:03:17 Raimundo: Her mama is very, very, very upset! Ai-yi-yi!
00:03:22 Ryder: Don't worry. Tell Eunice we'll find her baby. No job is too big, no pup is too small.
00:03:28 Raimundo: Thanks, Ryder.
00:03:30 (Scene): (Ryder summons the pups)
00:03:32 Skye: The triple-decker pups! Ta-da!
00:03:36 Ryder: PAW Patrol to the lookout!
00:03:39 Pups: Ryder needs us!
00:03:41 Pups: Whoa!
00:03:42 Rubble: Whoa, Marshall, we're still up here!
00:03:45 Marshall: Oh, yeah.
00:03:46 Rubble: Whoa!
00:03:47 (Scene): (Marshall accidentally flings Rubble and Skye into the elevator)
00:03:51 Marshall: Oops. Sorry about that.
00:03:54 Pups: (Pups groaning)
00:04:08 (Sound): (Elevator dinging)
00:04:13 Chase: Ready for action, Ryder, sir.
00:04:17 Ryder: Okay, pups, Ellie the baby Elephant ran away from the circus train.
00:04:21 Ryder: We have to find her.
00:04:24 Ryder: Chase, I need you and your megaphone to call Ellie.
00:04:28 Chase: Chase is on the case.
00:04:32 Ryder: Rocky, Ellie loves peanuts. Can you build something out of your recycling to help catch her?
00:04:38 Rocky: Don't lose it, reuse it!
00:04:40 Ryder: All right! PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:04:44 Pups: (Pups barking)
00:04:47 (Music):
00:05:35 (Scene): (Rocky finds something to rule Ellie back to her mom)
00:05:37 Rocky: I'm sure I've got something to help lure Ellie back to her mama.
00:05:42 Rocky: That won't work. No, this won't work either.
00:05:45 Rocky: A-ha! Perfect.
00:05:47 Rocky: And now, all I need is a bag of peanuts.
00:05:51 (Music):
00:06:06 Alex: Ryder! Did you bring me peanut butter?
00:06:09 Ryder: Not this time, Alex.
00:06:11 Ryder: We have to find Ellie the baby Elephant first.
00:06:16 Chase: Sure looks like she was here.
00:06:19 Chase: (Chase sniffing to make sure she was here)
00:06:21 Chase: Smells like it too. (Chase continues sniffing)
00:06:24 Chase: Peanut-shell trail.
00:06:25 Ryder: Good work! Follow the peanut shells.
00:06:28 Chase: (Barking) (Ryder and Chase follow the peanut to find Ellie)
00:06:32 Chase: (sniffing)
00:06:33 Chase: Huh. The peanut trail ends here.
00:06:36 Ryder: Ohh! We've chased Ellie halfway across Adventure Bay.
00:06:40 (Sound): (Honking)
00:06:41 Rocky: Here comes the Rocky elephant-attracter peanut dispenser.
00:06:47 Rocky: Watch!
00:06:51 Chase: Ha-ha.
00:06:52 Ryder: Looks good, Rocky. (Ryder gets call from Raimundo)
00:06:55 Raimundo: Ryder, keep an eye out for…
00:06:56 The Elephant: (Trumpeting)
00:06:57 Chase: Eunice!
00:06:58 (Scene): (Eunice is running away to Mr. Porter’s restaurant to find her baby)
00:07:00 Ryder: Look out!
00:07:01 Everyone: (Everyone yelling)
00:07:04 Ryder: Uh-oh.
00:07:07 Chase: (Chase barking) (With louder speaker, Chase gives warning to pedestrian)
00:07:10 Chase: Please watch out for the runaway Elephant. Thank you.
00:07:14 Woman: Look out! Elephant crossing! (They are screaming and running away)
00:07:18 Ryder: Okay, now we've got a bigger problem.
00:07:20 Ryder: Chase, keep looking for Ellie.
00:07:22 Ryder: Rocky, we need your elephant-attracter to get Eunice somewhere safe.
00:07:26 Rocky: You've got it! Green means go!
00:07:28 Ryder: Let's roll!
00:07:29 (Scene): (Ryder and Rocky go after Eunice, while Chase continues looking for Ellie)
00:07:36 Mr. Porter: (At Mr. Porter’s restaurant) Dessert, anyone?
00:07:37 Man: I'm so hungry, I could eat a...
00:07:38 Woman: Elephant!
00:07:40 Man: Well, not that hungry.
00:07:42 Everyone: (Everyone screaming)
00:07:44 Alex: Cool!
00:07:46 Alex: Did you see that elephant, grandpa? Grandpa?
00:07:51 Mr. Porter: Mm. The lemon icing needs a bit more zing.
00:07:56 (Scene): (Meanwhile in City Hall, Eunice is jams herself through one of the windows of Mayor Goodway’s office)
00:07:57 Mayor Goodway: Ryder! PAW Patrol! Anyone! Help!
00:08:04 (Scene): (Finally, Ryder and Rocky arrive at Mayor Goodway’s office)
00:08:05 Mayor Goodway: Ryder, PAW Patrol! Thank goodness you're here. This elephant does not have an appointment.
00:08:11 Ryder: Come and get them, Eunice. Peanuts!
00:08:14 Eunice: (Trumpeting)
00:08:19 Mayor Goodway: I knew the PAW Patrol could do it.
00:08:23 Ryder: Okay, Rocky, try to lead her to Farmer Yumi's barn. I'll be ready.
00:08:31 Rocky: Peanuts! Get your peanuts! Come on, Eunice. (Ryder and Rocky lure her to Farmer Yumi’s barn)
00:08:39 Mayor Goodway: Thank you, Ryder!
00:08:44 Ryder: That's it, Eunice, right in here.
00:08:46 (Scene): (Eunice is spooked by Bettina, and she’s running away)
00:08:48 Ryder: Wait! Eunice!
00:08:50 (Scene): (Ryder tries to catch her and then he did it to calm her)
00:09:00 Ryder: Easy, girl.
00:09:04 Raimundo: Rest here while Ryder finds your baby.
00:09:07 Ryder: Okay, one mama elephant safe, one baby elephant to go.
00:09:12 Ryder: (Ryder calls Chase see if Chase has found Ellie yet) Chase, any luck finding ellie?
00:09:14 Chase: I followed her trail to Mr. Porter's restaurant, But I don't see her.
00:09:18 Ryder: Hang on! We'll be right there.
00:09:19 (Scene): (Ryder and Rocky head back to the Mr. Porter’s restaurant)
00:09:26 Chase: The trail ends here, Ryder.
00:09:30 Ryder: Looks like Ellie broke this ladder.
00:09:32 Ryder: Hmm... Or climbed it.
00:09:33 (Scene): (Ellie is on the roof, and ready to perform her circus act and jump off)
00:09:39 Alex: Just like she did in her circus act. Ellie loves climbing things.
00:09:44 Ryder: Oh, no.
00:09:46 Alex: She loves to jump too. It's the best part of her act.
00:09:49 Ryder: But in the circus, she jumps on a trampoline!
00:09:55 Ryder: (Thinking Ryder) Rocky, where's the mattress the pups were jumping on earlier?
00:09:59 Rocky: In the truck. Why trash them when you can stash them?
00:10:03 Ryder: We need a trampoline before Ellie tries her jumping act.
00:10:06 Ellie: (Ellie trumpeting)
00:10:13 Mr. Porter: The air mattress is flat. I'll blow it up!
00:10:19 Ryder: Chase, your megaphone!
00:10:20 Ryder: (Chase barking)
00:10:23 Ryder: Ladies and gentlemen, in a few moments, the amazing Ellie will perform a daring feat.
00:10:32 Ryder: Almost done?
00:10:34 Mr. Porter: (Blowing rapidly) (moaning)
00:10:36 Mr. Porter: Done!
00:10:38 Alex: Good job! You saved the show.
00:10:40 Mr. Porter: Whoo-hoo.
00:10:43 Ryder: And now, the moment you've all been waiting for. Ellie the Elephant's spectacular leap!
00:10:50 Ellie: (trumpeting) (Ellie is ready to jump)
00:10:57 Everyone: (Everyone’s cheering after Ellie did performed her circus act)
00:11:01 (Scene): (Just as Raimundo and Eunice arrive, allowing mother and baby elephant to be reunited at last.)
00:11:05 Chase: Aww. That's so sweet.
00:11:08 Chase: Uh, I mean, another job well done.
00:11:16 Raimundo: Thanks, Ryder. You and your pups saved my circus.
00:11:20 Ryder: That's what we're here for.
00:11:22 Ryder: If you need us, just yelp for help.
00:11:24 (Scene): (The train is ready to take off with Raimundo and the Elephant inside)
00:11:33 Ryder: Now, for everyone's favorite act In all Adventure Bay: Treat time!
00:11:39 Ryder: (Ryder gives a treat to the pups) What a good bunch of pups.
00:11:41 Everyone: (Everyone laughing)