This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Save the Carnival" from Season 4, which premiered on April 28, 2017 in the United States, and on May 6, 2017 in Canada.

00:11:46 Rubble: Step right up and try to win a prize.
00:11:50 Skye: This rubber lizard is ready to fly.
00:11:53 Zuma: Is the practice game ready? Whoa! (accidentally slip and launch rubber lizard) Whoa! (landing on Zuma's face)
00:11:59 Rubble: That lizard has pretty good aim.
00:12:02 Pups: (Laughing)
00:12:03 Zuma: I'm totally excited about the carnival. I've never won a prize before.
00:12:08 Skye: Here, I'll show you how to win a prize. You just aim and... (launch rubber lizard) Lift off!
00:12:15 Marshall: (Hit in the middle of red target) Bullseye! Good one, Skye! (takes a rubber lizard off)
00:12:19 Skye: If I can do that at the carnival, I'll win (throw several collection toys from her pup house) another stuffed animal for my collection. Look!
00:12:24 Skye: (Grunting) (Pull her giraffe toys out, laughing then barking)
00:12:28 Zuma: Whoa, those are awesome!
00:12:32 Zuma: Okay Zuma, you can do this! (hint the spring, but the rubber lizard falls to the ground) No, I can't.
00:12:37 Rubble: You just need a little more practice.
00:12:29 Skye: This time, put more paw into it.
00:12:43 (Scene): (Zuma adds more rubber lizard and throw it, but he hits a tree. He throws again and hit the giant PAW Patrol badge. And throw again and hit Ryder's face)
00:12:50 Zuma: Sorry, Ryder! (Sighing) I'll never win a prize.
00:12:54 Ryder: Don't give up, Zuma! You've got lots of time to practice. The carnival will be going on all day.
00:13:01 Mayor Goodway: (At the carnival) Friends, neighbors, and visitors, (clucking) Chickaletta and I now declare the Adventure Bay Carnival open!
00:13:09 Residents: (Cheering)
00:13:11 (Scene): (In every stands, a young man who buy a popcorn at Mr. Porter stand fruits)
00:13:13 (Scene): (Other sides, Katie is painting Precious' Owner's face)
00:13:15 (Scene): (Meanwhile, Farmer Yumi and Al are taking Corny rides with a kids)
00:13:16 Farmer Yumi: (Hold a corn) Giddy up, Cornelius. Come on!
00:13:18 Corny: (Oinking)
00:13:21 Cap'n Turbot: Ahoy, Adventure Bay mateys! Come bounce in this perfectly puffy pirate palace. Argh!
00:13:28 Kids: (Kids cheering)
00:13:28 (Scene): (While Alex is adding a mustard to his hotdog, but Mayor Humdinger's hand quickly grab Alex's hotdog)
00:13:32 Alex: Hmm?
00:13:33 Mayor Goodway: Step right up to the Lizard Launcher. Hit the bullseye and win an adorable bunny toy.
00:13:39 Mayor Humdinger: Mm… (Chomping) An Adventure Bay Carnival? Ha, bo… ring!
00:13:46 Kittens: (Mewling)
00:13:49 Mayor Humdinger: (Cat Chase pokes Humdinger) Really? You want some of those silly toys? (Blinking their eyes) (Sighing) Fine! Mayor Goodway, I'll take six.
00:13:58 Mayor Goodway: (Hold Humdenger's hand with a stick) Not so fast, Mayor Humdinger! You can only win a prize if you hit the middle of the target with a lizard.
00:14:05 Mayor Humdinger: Ha-ha, of course I'll hit it, I'm the master of all carnival games. (launch the rubber lizard, but miss the target)
00:14:12 Mayor Goodway: Oh, that's a miss!
00:14:14 Mayor Humdinger: (Growling angrily) Oh, is that a giant white chicken?
00:14:18 Mayor Goodway: Where?
00:14:20 (Scene): (While Humdinger is lying to Mayor Goodway, then Cat Skye flying through it and moves a lizard in the middle of the target)
00:14:23 Mayor Humdinger: Ah, my mistake. It was just a chicken-y shaped cloud. Now, where's my prize?
00:14:29 Mayor Goodway: Sorry, but you very clearly missed the middle of the target with your… (look the right) lizard? But, it wasn't on the bulls-eye a moment ago. How in the world did it get there?
00:14:40 Mayor Goodway: (Put a lizard off) Oh! There's a mustard-y kitten print on this lizard! While you had us looking at chicken clouds, your meowing minion moved it.
00:14:51 Cat Skye: (Look at her paws) Meow?
00:14:52 Mayor Goodway: Mayor Humdinger, you are (put Cat Skye) banned from this game for cheating, and so is your kitten.
00:14:57 Mayor Humdinger: Who's to say that's from my mustardy kitty? I think you're just afraid I'll win all your stuffed animals. Ha! Let's go, kittens! (Leave from lizard launcher stand)
00:15:07 Mayor Humdinger: If I can't win a prize, then no one will. Time to create a little distraction Catastrophe Crew.
00:15:15 Mayor Humdinger and the kittens: (Evil laughing)
00:15:20 (Scene): (Cat Chase fires a yarn ball to Corny's waggon)
00:15:21 Farmer Yumi: Huh? (Corny oinking) What?
00:15:22 (Scene): (Cat Rocky opens the fence to get Corny escape)
00:15:23 Farmer Al: Ah…! Now, settle down, Corny!
00:15:27 (Scene): (Corny running away and hits an umbrella)
00:15:30 Farmer Yumi: Runaway pig! Lookout!
00:15:32 Farmer Al: (Tripped on the apple) Oops!
00:15:33 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:15:34 (Scene): (Corny oinking, and Farmer Al and Yumi yelling)
00:15:35 Mayor Goodway: Chickaletta! (After to her, while Mayor Humdinger and the kittens is behind the lizard stand)
00:15:40 Corny: (Pig oinking)
00:15:41 Mayor Goodway: Phew! (Gasping) (The prizes has disappear from her stand)
00:15:44 Mayor Goodway: Oh no! The adorable bunny toys are gone! Nothing's left but a teensy bit of stuffing. (Pup pad beeping)
00:15:54 (Scene): (At the Lookout, Ryder removes a lizard toy from the giant PAW Patrol badge)
00:15:57 Ryder: (Pup pad ringing) Hi, Mayor Goodway! How's it going down at the carnival?
00:16:01 Mayor Goodway: Ryder, the carnival's a catastrophe! Corny's (Corny, Farmer Yumi and Al running away) on the loose and the (move the camera to the stand) prizes have vanished. (Chickaletta clucking)
00:16:07 Ryder: We'll hustle over. No job is too big, no pup is too small!
00:16:11 Ryder: (Pup pad beeping) PAW Patrol, to the lookout!
00:16:15 Pups: Ryder needs us!
00:16:17 Pups: (Barking)
00:16:18 (Scene): (Marshall heads to the lookout, but he accidentally trips out by lizard launcher)
00:16:19 Zuma: (Gasping)
00:16:20 Marshall: Whoa!
00:16:22 Rubble: Look out! (Crashing)
00:16:24 Marshall: Well, Zuma, your aim's getting better.
00:16:27 Pups: (Laughing)
00:16:30 (Music):
00:16:39 (Sound): (Elevator dinging)
00:16:44 Chase: PAW Patrol ready for action, Ryder, sir!
00:16:48 Ryder: (Pup pad beeping) There's trouble at the carnival, pups. Cornelius has escaped from the pig ride and is running loose.
00:16:54 Farmer Al and Yumi (On the screen): (Gasping)
00:16:55 Ryder: And the prizes are missing from the Lizard Launcher game.
00:16:59 Mayor Goodway (On the screen): Oh!
00:17:00 Pups: (Gasping)
00:17:01 Zuma and Skye: Not the prizes!
00:17:03 Ryder: Chase, (pup pad beeping) I'll need your megaphone and herding skills to coral Corny.
00:17:08 Chase: Chase is on the case!
00:17:10 Ryder: Skye, (pup pad beeping) we'll need you to search for the missing prizes from the air.
00:17:15 Skye: (Barking) Let's take to the sky!
00:17:17 Ryder: All right! PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:17:21 Pups: (Barking)
00:17:25 (Music): ♪ (Deployment sequence for Chase and Skye)
00:18:05 (Sound): (Tires screeching)
00:18:07 (Sound): (Sirens wailing)
00:18:10 (Sound): (Revving)
00:18:12 (Sound): (Sirens wailing)
00:18:21 Ryder: Let's go, Chase!
00:18:21 (Scene): (While in carnival, Corny still got frightened, hit the hay, and run away)
00:18:25 Chase: Folks, please clear the way!
00:18:28 Corny: (Squealing)
00:18:29 Chase: (Barking)
00:18:30 Clown: (Honking)
00:18:30 Chase: Corny, come back here! (Jump on the wagon, grab and pull the rope)
00:18:36 Corny: (Squealing)
00:18:40 (Scene): (And Corny return to his pen)
00:18:42 Chase: Thanks for the ride, Corny!
00:18:43 Corny: (Squealing)
00:18:44 Farmer Al: (Sigh) There! Great work, but I still can't figure out how Corny got loose.
00:18:45 Ryder: (Ryder looks down and grabs a yarn ball) Hmm… I know somebody who loves yarn balls. Actually, six somebody's.
00:18:56 Chase: (Sniffing) Ah! Ah-choo! Definitely kittens!
00:19:00 Ryder: (Pup pad beeping) Skye, any sign of the stuffed toys?
00:19:03 Skye: Not yet. Wait! I see some (zoom in) fluffy stuffing leading to the playground.
00:19:08 Ryder: Nice find, Skye! It probably came from inside the missing stuffed animals. Come on, Chase, to the playground!
00:19:15 Chase: (Barking)
00:19:18 Skye: (Ryder and Chase arrives at the park) Look what I found.
00:19:20 (Scene): (The kittens appear at the park with bunch of bunny toys) Just as I suspected, the Kitty Catastrophe Crew's behind this.
00:19:26 Chase: (Barking) Megaphone!
00:19:30 Chase: Attention kitties! Step away from the bunny toys!
00:19:36 Kittens: (The kittens are running away with the toys after get caught)
00:19:38 Skye: Uh oh! The kittens are making a getaway with some of the stuffed bunnies!
00:19:41 Ryder: Rubble, bring your rake to the playground to pick up the prizes and take them to the booth.
00:19:46 Rubble: A shovel full of stuffed bunnies, cool!
00:19:49 Ryder: Chase, Skye, we have some kittens to catch.
00:19:55 (Scene): (Back to the carnival, Skye searches the kittens from the air)
00:19:58 Skye: Ryder, the kittens are back at the carnival, and they're heading for the bouncy castle.
00:20:02 Ryder: Good eye, Skye! (And the team are heading back to the carnival)
00:20:05 Cap'n Turbot: Okay, it's time for the next bunch of boisterous bouncers to take a turn.
00:20:10 Kittens: (Meowing)
00:20:11 Cap'n Turbot: (Gasping) Hey! Whoa! (unearth the anchoring pegs, and leave the bounce house float out into the bay) Uh-oh! I'll save you!
00:20:18 Cap'n Turbot: Whoa! (jump it, but then bounce it out) Oof!
00:20:20 Kittens: (Scared meowing)
00:20:23 Cap'n Turbot: (Ryder and Chase arrives at the Carnival) Ryder, thank goodness you're here. A dangerous disaster is developing. Those furry felines are floating off fast!
00:20:29 Mayor Humdinger: Someone save my kitties!
00:20:31 Ryder: Zuma, we need you at the Bay to rescue a castaway castle.
00:20:35 Zuma: Let's dive in!
00:20:38 (Scene): (In the bounce castle, the kittens are getting scared)
00:20:41 (Scene): (In the meantime, Ryder and Zuma are chasing the castle)
00:20:42 Ryder: Zuma, use your buoy and tow the castle back to shore.
00:20:46 Zuma: (Barking) Buoy! (Throw the buoy on the octopus toy and get back to the shore)
00:20:56 (Scene): (As he's going to back to the shore, Zuma's buoy is slipped off from the castle)
00:20:59 Zuma: Uh oh, Ryder, the buoy slipped off.
00:21:02 Kittens: (Scared meowing)
00:21:06 Ryder: We have to get those poor kittens out of the castle before it floats out to sea.
00:21:10 Zuma: I have an idea! Get ready to play catch, Ryder!
00:21:17 (Scene): (Zuma approaches the castle, then jump in, and leave Cat Chase bounce out of it)
00:21:19 Ryder: Great aim! Keep going!
00:21:22 (Scene): (Then Zuma does jump it again and takes the kittens out from the castle)
00:21:26 Ryder: Awesome, Zuma. I'll get the kittens in to shore, then we can both bring the castle back in.
00:21:31 (Scene): (And the team back to the shore)
00:21:33 (Scene): (Back to the carnival, Rocky reattaches the bouncy castle)
00:21:36 Cap'n Turbot: Thanks, Rocky! No pesky pets will pull up these perfectly pounded pirate palace pegs!
00:21:41 Rubble: Adorable little stuffed bunnies, coming through!
00:21:45 Mayor Goodway: Thank you, PAW Patrol, for saving the bouncy castle and the prizes!
00:21:50 Ryder: Whenever you have a problem, just yelp for help, or meow!
00:21:55 Mayor Humdinger: Huh? Oh, yes! Thanks for saving those prize swiping kittens.
00:22:00 Kittens: (Getting upset)
00:22:01 Mayor Humdinger: I still don't get what the big fuss is about those toys anyway. (Cat Skye opens Mayor Humdinger's hat and found a bunny toy) Oh! Hee-hee. Oh, heh, how did that get there? Hmm… Ha-ha, yes!
00:22:13 Mayor Goodway: Now, who wants to play Launch the Lizard?
00:22:16 Ryder: Ready to give it another try, Zuma?
00:22:18 Zuma: Somebody else should go, I don't think I can do it.
00:22:21 Skye: Yes, you can! If you can bounce a kitten out of a castle, bouncing a lizard's easy.
00:22:27 Zuma: Well, okay! (Throw the lizard and hit in the middle of red target)
00:22:30 Singers: ♪ PA-PA-PA-PAW Patrol ♪
00:22:31 Everyone: (Cheering and barking)
00:22:33 Zuma: I did it!
00:22:34 Mayor Goodway: And, the pup wins a prize!
00:22:36 Zuma: Awesome!
00:22:38 Ryder: You're such a good pup!