This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Save the Camping Trip" from Season 1, which premiered on February 22, 2014 in Canada, and on May 22, 2014 in the United States.

00:00:45 Pups: (Barking)
00:00:49 Rocky: (Barking and giggling)
00:00:51 Rocky: (Barking and panting)
00:00:54 Ryder: Now, that's a real pup tent!
00:00:56 Rocky: I can't wait to go sleep in the woods in the tent tonight!
00:01:00 Skye: And get some Pup Scout badges!
00:01:02 Rocky: I'm working on my Pup Scout Tent-Building badge!
00:01:05 Rocky: (Barking) Claw!
00:01:07 Rocky: I just need to get the support pole into here... Ugh! Whoa!
00:01:16 Rocky: Heh, heh. Uh, is there a Pup Scout badge for tree-climbing?
00:01:21 Ryder and Skye: (Laughing)
00:01:22 Mayor Goodway: No, but we do have badges for Cleanest Canoe, Wiggiest Wigwam-Weaver, Gooiest Roasted Marshmallow.
00:01:29 Skye: Can we go now? Can we? (Barking)
00:01:32 Mayor Goodway: And Most Excited New Camper!
00:01:38 Skye: Yay!
00:01:38 Rocky: Cool.
00:01:39 Ryder: You should probably get going if you want to be at your campsite before dark.
00:01:43 Mayor Goodway: Exactly! As Pup Scout leader, I suggest we pack up and get ready to march!
00:01:48 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:01:49 Ryder: Have fun, pups!
00:01:51 Skye: Hooray!
00:01:54 (Sound): (Claw whirring)
00:01:57 Skye: All done!
00:02:01 Rocky: Huh?
00:02:02 Skye: Must be tight from being rolled up.
00:02:04 Rocky: Ugh! Whoa!
00:02:08 Skye: Uh-oh!
00:02:11 Rocky: Maybe it needs a little weight on the end. Chickaletta!
00:02:17 Rocky: Do you mind sitting on the end of the sleeping bag so it stays rolled out?
00:02:21 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:02:22 Rocky: Oof! (Grunting)
00:02:25 Rocky: That did it!
00:02:26 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:02:27 Rocky: (Giggling)
00:02:29 Rocky: Oops, uh, sorry.
00:02:32 Mayor Goodway: "Fit tent pole A into tent pole-holder B, under tent pole C." (Giggling)
00:02:40 Mayor Goodway: Ta-da!
00:02:42 Mayor Goodway: Not quite.
00:02:45 Mayor Goodway: Ah, perfect! Now, let's secure the stakes so it won't fly away.
00:02:49 Chickaletta: (Tapping)
00:02:51 Mayor Goodway: Such a good helper! Oh, but this task requires the right tool. (Stomping)
00:03:06 Chickaletta: (Snoring)
00:03:10 Skye: Tents and sleeping bags are ready!
00:03:12 Skye: Is it time to make a campfire?
00:03:14 Mayor Goodway: Let's see what the Pup Scout camping app says.
00:03:18 Mayor Goodway: Uh, "to set up the fire pit, first clear all leaves and twigs that might catch fire from sparks."
00:03:23 Rocky: (Barking) Pincers!
00:03:31 Rocky: Twigs cleared away!
00:03:33 Skye: Leaves cleared away!
00:03:35 Mayor Goodway: Great job!
00:03:36 Mayor Goodway: Next, make a ring of rocks on a dirt area.
00:03:39 Rocky and Skye: We're on it!
00:03:44 Rocky: (Barking)
00:03:45 Mayor Goodway: Well done, Pup Scouts!
00:03:47 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:03:50 Rocky: Hey, that rock's a turtle!
00:03:54 Mayor Goodway: Oh, that gets you an Animal Identification badge!
00:03:58 Rocky: Cool!
00:03:59 Mayor Goodway: Now that we have leaves and twigs, we need bigger pieces of wood for the fire.
00:04:03 Rocky: Camping is just like Fetch, without the throwing!
00:04:06 Skye: (Giggling)
00:04:08 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:04:12 Mayor Goodway: Well done, Rocky! You just earned a Tidy Firewood badge!
00:04:17 Mayor Goodway: This bucket of sand is in case we need to put out the campfire.
00:04:20 Mayor Goodway: Now, everything's set except...
00:04:23 Rocky and Skye: Marshmallow sticks!
00:04:25 Mayor Goodway: Ah, that's right! The key is finding the perfect stick.
00:04:29 Rocky and Skye: Yay! (Both barking)
00:04:31 Mayor Goodway: (Laughing)
00:04:38 Mayor Goodway: Oh!
00:04:41 Mayor Goodway: Too flimsy.
00:04:43 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:04:48 Mayor Goodway: Hmm... too short.
00:04:56 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:04:58 Mayor Goodway: Chickaletta?
00:05:00 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:05:03 Mayor Goodway: (Gasping) Chickaletta!
00:05:06 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:05:07 Mayor Goodway: Easy, Chickaletta! No need to panic!
00:05:11 Mayor Goodway: This is a total disaster! Rocky! Skye!
00:05:15 Mayor Goodway: It's Chickaletta! She's fallen down there!
00:05:19 Rocky: (Barking) Claw!
00:05:25 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:05:26 Rocky: Sorry, I can't reach you!
00:05:29 Skye: I'd fly down to her, but it's too narrow for my wings.
00:05:32 Mayor Goodway: There's only one thing left to do.
00:05:34 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:05:36 (Sound): (Phone ringing and buzzing)
00:05:42 Ryder: Hello, Ryder here.
00:05:44 Mayor Goodway: It's a disaster, Ryder! Help!
00:05:46 Ryder: Hi, Mayor Goodway! What happened?
00:05:48 Mayor Goodway: Chickaletta's trapped in a crevasse and it's getting dark.
00:05:50 Ryder: We're on it!
00:05:51 Ryder: No job is too big, no pup is too small!
00:05:56 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:05:57 Ryder: PAW Patrol, to the Lookout!
00:05:59 Pups: Ryder needs us!
00:06:01 Chase: (Barking)
00:06:02 Marshall: Wait for me!
00:06:06 Marshall: (Giggling) Oh, whoa!
00:06:10 Marshall: All good.
00:06:13 Pups: (Laughing)
00:06:24 (Sound): (Elevator dinging)
00:06:29 Chase: Ready for action, Ryder, sir!
00:06:31 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:06:33 Ryder: Thanks for coming so quickly, pups.
00:06:35 Ryder: I just got a call from Mayor Goodway and the Pup Scouts.
00:06:38 Chase: Is Skye okay? Er, I mean, are they okay?
00:06:42 Ryder: The pups are fine, but Chickaletta's stuck in a cave in the ground, and can't get out.
00:06:46 Ryder: She's too deep for Rocky to reach, so we're going to have to help.
00:06:51 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:06:52 Ryder: Chase, we'll need your winch to pull Chickaletta out.
00:06:55 Chase: Chase is on the case!
00:06:58 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:06:59 Ryder: Rubble, we'll need your rig to clear the rocks from the edge.
00:07:02 Rubble: Rubble on the double!
00:07:04 Ryder: All right! PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:07:07 Pups: (Barking)
00:07:10 (Music): ♪ (Deployment sequence for Chase and Rubble)
00:07:36 (Sound): (Sirens wailing)
00:07:51 (Sound): (Tires screeching)
00:07:53 (Sound): (Sirens wailing)
00:07:56 (Music):
00:07:58 (Sound): (Sirens wailing)
00:08:22 Mayor Goodway: Ryder, thank goodness!
00:08:24 Mayor Goodway: Poor Chickaletta must be so frightened with all the creatures lurking in the darkness.
00:08:29 Mayor Goodway: Ah, like that! It has my leg!
00:08:31 Chase: (Barking) Light!
00:08:35 Chase: Aw, what a cute little bunny!
00:08:38 Mayor Goodway: Oh, ha, of course! I knew that!
00:08:41 Mayor Goodway: I have my Bunny Care badge.
00:08:44 Ryder: Let's check on Chickaletta.
00:08:45 Ryder: Chase, shine your light so Rubble can clear the loose rocks.
00:08:49 Chase: You got it!
00:08:54 (Sound): (Rocks scraping)
00:08:57 Rubble: All clear!
00:08:58 Ryder: Thanks, Rubble!
00:09:00 Ryder: Don't worry, Chickaletta. We'll get you out soon!
00:09:03 Mayor Goodway: Chickaletta! Are you all right, my little chick-chick?
00:09:06 Chickaletta: (Burping)
00:09:08 Mayor Goodway: Oh.
00:09:10 Ryder: (Grunting)
00:09:11 Ryder: I need a small pup to ride down on the winch.
00:09:14 Skye: (Gasping)
00:09:15 Skye: (Barking) I can do it!
00:09:20 Chase: (Barking) Open winch!
00:09:30 Skye: Almost there!
00:09:32 Skye: Hey, Chickaletta! I'm going to help you out.
00:09:36 Skye: I can carry you!
00:09:40 Skye: Or... you could just ride on my head.
00:09:42 Skye: Okay, bring us up!
00:09:44 Chase: I'm on it!
00:09:46 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:09:48 Skye: I never knew chicken feet were so ticklish! (Giggling)
00:09:53 Ryder: Can you spot me, Rocky?
00:09:55 Rocky: You got it!
00:09:57 Rocky: (Grunting)
00:09:58 Ryder: Almost there!
00:10:00 Ryder: (Grunting) Got her!
00:10:02 Skye: Yay!
00:10:03 Mayor Goodway: Yes! Chickaletta's okay! She's okay!
00:10:06 Skye: (Barking)
00:10:07 Chase: Yes! Skye's okay! She's okay!
00:10:10 Skye: Aww, you were worried!
00:10:13 Chase: Uh, no, I wasn't!
00:10:15 Chase: I'm just, uh... glad you saved Chickaletta!
00:10:18 Skye: Thanks, Chase. That's very sweet.
00:10:20 Mayor Goodway: Well, after an exciting rescue like that, there's only one thing left to do.
00:10:26 Mayor Goodway: Roast marshmallows!
00:10:28 Pups: (Cheering)
00:10:32 Rubble: What a beautiful night!
00:10:34 Ryder: Yeah, it's so nice here, we should all camp out!
00:10:38 Ryder: If you Pup Scouts don't mind.
00:10:39 Rocky: Yeah, stay!
00:10:40 Skye: We don't mind!
00:10:41 Marshall and Zuma: (Cheering)
00:10:43 Mayor Goodway: Fantastic idea, but there aren't enough tents.
00:10:46 Marshall and Zuma: (Barking) House!
00:10:48 (Music):
00:10:53 Mayor Goodway: Now that's making yourself at home!
00:10:56 Mayor Goodway: Okay, time to learn the most important camping skill of all.
00:10:59 Mayor Goodway: Marshmallow...
00:11:00 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:11:01 Mayor Goodway: ...and corn roasting.
00:11:04 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:11:06 Mayor Goodway: Chickaletta, you get a Pup Scout badge for bravery, and I have a very special Chickaletta Rescue badge for the PAW Patrol!
00:11:14 Ryder: Thanks, Mayor! Whenever you're in trouble, just yelp for help!
00:11:18 Rocky: (In background) Help!
00:11:19 Rocky: I burned the marshmallows!
00:11:22 Marshall: Burned? (Barking) Water cannon!
00:11:23 (Scene): (Marshall barks and sprays jet of water at Rocky.)
00:11:28 Rocky: Uh-oh. Whoah!
00:11:32 Rocky: Sorry pups, uh... now your marshmallows are burned and soggy.
00:11:36 Everyone: (All laughing)
00:11:36 Singers: PA-PA-PA-PA-PA PAW Patrol