Pups Save the Bunnies



  • Marshall (after a mishap): "Well, at least it's not covering my eyes."

  • Rubble: "I got something!"
  • (Another bunny appears from the hole.)
  • Rubble: "Make that two somethings."

  • Chase: "You can't outrun Chase!" (Chasing the bunnies and going around in circles) "But you can out-spin me."

  • Mr. Porter: "For something so cute, they sure do cause a lot of trouble."

  • Rubble: "One scoopful of bunny!"
  • Ryder: (Laughs) "Good idea, Rubble."

  • Skye: "Bye-bye, bunnies. I'll miss you, and you, and you, and you, and you, too."

  • Skye: "She followed me home, Ryder. May I keep her? Please?"
  • Ryder: "I guess we can handle one bunny."
  • Skye: "Yay, Ryder! You're the best."